“We cannot be Catholic and not accept the Second Vatican Council” …

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  • Marialouisa

    All of us Catholics who are serious about our Faith should hope fervently that SSPX is reunited with the Church fully, we owe them a great debt in preserving many parts of the faith that were lost or diminished after the Second Vatican Council.  We may have to accept the Council, but there is room to debate its interpretation and implementation, which is where so many of the modern Church’s problems have stemmed from.  The Second Vatican Council, among other things, did not say we should give up Latin as the universal language of the church, quite the reverse. It did not say to abandon ad orientam in Mass, or to allow communion in the hand, etc.  I’m not saying that these issues are ones we necessarily must all agree on, but they should be discussed, as part of properly understanding what the Second Vatican Council did and did not tell us to do.

  • cybro

    Why rush into anything? The Church has been around for a couple of thousand years so there is no reason to suddenly push into reconciliations not everyone wants.   Besides, at the rate SSPX is out growing the dying post Conciliar Church it may not even be an issue in another 20 years.  Lets just wait and see what happens. 

    • Christopher Lake

      Cybro, so the SSPX is outgrowing the Catholic Church? In what bizarro world of faulty statistics is that the case? The Catholic Church has around a billion members (maybe not a billion *strong*, always, in each and every individual case, I recognize, but nevertheless!) worldwide. Moreover, new members are being added, and born into, the Church every year. You should hear the babies crying at my “Ordinary Form mixed with Latin and Greek” parish! When the SSPX gets even close to having a billion members, then it might be “outgrowing the dying post Conciliar Church.” That still won’t mean that the SSPX is in full communion with the Catholic Church which Christ founded, which legitimately held Vatican II, as a legitimate Council of the Church, and which all Catholics are bound to recognize.