Against the rumors – Fr. Arnaud Rostand discusses rumors, open attacks, and the state of the SSPX at large…

Fr. Arnaud Rostand (USA District Superior) sat down with Angelus Press’ editor, James Vogel, to discuss the current situation between Rome and the SSPX. No subject was left off the table. From rumors, to open attacks, to the state of the SSPX at large, and in the USA District – this interview covers everything.

Part 1 examines the state of the SSPX in the United States, as well as the history of discussions with the Vatican authorities, and discussing some of the rumors related to a possible recognition of Rome by the Society.

Part II and III to be released later in the week.

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  • pablo the Mexican

    The Holy Mother and her Son are speaking through this Holy Priest:

    He was threatened for having said the Truths contained in his sermon.

    You tube: in the search type in 469fitter (no spaces) should the link not work.

    Video name:

    Padre Hewko Sermon Winona Consecrations 2012 you tube.wmv

    Viva Cristo Rey!


    P.S. Father Ronstand looked like a man sucking a bag of lemons as he listened to this Priests.

    He should not have threatened the Priest for speaking Truth.

    In the Bishop Fellay Regime, anyone speaking against der Fuehrer is to be smashed.

    How long do you think the Holy Mother and her Son will tolerate this?