making Monday more tolerable…

resurrecting a favorite of mine, just because it’s Monday and I need a laugh.

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  • MichelleMarie

    “And we remember what you told us, that one time,
    And it was awesome, we should have wrote it down”


  • jamie

    Hm, my Church childhood. I knew it was great, but, man, it was really great. :)

  • Katie O’Keefe

    Ah!  So many memories…  So glad they’re just memories.

    • JaneC

      Me too.  We’ve recently left the guitars and Gather hymnals behind, and now I can finally laugh at stuff like this.  Makes me feel a lot better about the not-so-great cantors at our parish.  They may not be able to sing particularly well, or be able to figure out how to get email attachments with their music for next week, but at least they are willing to sing decent hymns with organ accompaniment.

  • M. Swaim

    Volume 2 is written, but yet to be recorded.  I’ve got some doozies for the next round…

    • Katrina Fernandez

      I eagerly await. 

  • Colleen Swaim

    How did I only just realize that that Jesus picture looks dead-on Liam Neeson???