The Ceremony That Must Not Be Named…

… Did you watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics? Wasn’t it grand?! Right around this point of the opening I started to wonder if my drink had been spiked with hallucinogens….

And it was around this point that I became certain it was….

But the pyrotechnics were fantastic. I enjoyed that. Or maybe the mind control rays beaming from the Eye of Sauron had started working on my perception at that point.

I’m still having nightmares.

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  • Fr. Erik J. Richtsteig

    Giant puppets are always a bad sign.

  • WhollyRoaminCatholic

    Those people at Call to Action never quit, do they?

  • pacifica_00775

    But you have to admit that the skit with Mr. Bean was pretty awesome.   You know the puppets are bad when even the commentator says “I don’t know whether this is frightening or impressive.”

  • Adoro

    And he doesn’t look like Voldemort at all. 

  • Anthony S. Layne

    Ah, giant puppets. Perhaps this explains George Weigel’s column comparing the opening ceremonies to bad liturgy.

  • Jeremy

    Well, Tolkien DID create Isengard (and its demolishing of the forests, using metals for weapons, etc) as a parallel to the Industrial revolution…

  • Manny

    These ceremonies are all silly. 

  • pabarge

    Glorification of Englands socialist medecine? How is that spectacular?

  • Infidel de Manahatta

    I watched the opening ceremonies and….was….slightly confused.

    Allegedly the opening ceremony was supposed to show the best and brightest of British culture.  But not once did they mention Pete Best.  Or maybe he was fired before the show?

  • peregrinator

    I didn’t watch the opening ceremonies, but did read descriptions (both of the rumored plans and of the actual ceremonies) online. I’m betting I’m the only one on here familiar with the Canadian TV Show “Slings & Arrows,” but my first reaction was “Olympic Opening Ceremonies directed by Darren Nichols?”