Mackerel Snappers Snapping Chicken…

Calling all you clerics, nuns, and holy servants of the Church. I want you to take a picture of yourself snapping on a nice juicy Chick-Fil-A sandwich wearing your habits, cassocks, and man lace in honor of Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day.

Fr. L chicken snapping.

From EWTN’s facebook page.

If you want them posted here email me at

Bon appétit, mes amis!

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  • lethargic

    I’m no religious, but I tried to eat at Chick-fil-a, but couldn’t even get onto the property, it was that packed.  Later, on the local news radio, they were giving Chick-fil-a updates with the traffic alerts … lol

    • MJ

       I spent quite a while in line at Chick-Fil-A…and it was worth it.


    • Katrina Fernandez

      LOL! Same here. I tried to go back for dinner, couldn’t get in for lunch and people were parking on the main street and walking blocks to get in. 

      • Annaliese

         I got in, after a long wait.  Mmm, the chicken tasted like free speech today….delicious.

  • tj.nelson

    Your blog was down for awhile and I thought it was sabotaged by the gays.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      I love you so much.  

  • Anna

    We’re getting a stand-alone Chik-fil-a in October – can’t wait! (The only local one is inside a business and you have to be a guest of an employee to get in.)  Tim Hawkins sold me on the place long ago, but I’ve never actually eaten there…

  • Sacredcrocheter

    I thought it was funny that after making pro Chick-fil-A comments on your Chickengate blog I found Chick-fil-A discount ads on my gmail page-wonder what would have happened if my comments were pro Rahm?

  • Timothy Burdick

    No Chi-fil-a’s in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area… I feel like a Catholic missionary in China.

  • jk

    I only had bits of time yesterday and drove by our Chick Fil A 3 times; lunch, 7pm, and 9:45pm. Each time it was the same:  drive through line wrapped around and out on the main road.  Hundreds of people standing in line. Parking lot full, cars in the mall lot. A tent! It looked like a party!  Someone pulled up with a van filled with water bottles for everyone in line.  Someone passed out cookies.  A friend told me that a gay-marriage supporter sat under a tree with a sign.  Despite her protest, everyone took care of her; brought her water, talked with her….and I’m sure, prayed for her.  I will support them with a nice dinner another day when I have time.  But I’m sure glad I saw it all!

  • Colet

    I live in DC and know what you mean about the ninjas. The msm is waiting for the “counter-protest” today of 10 people across the country so they can portray it as “both sides were represented”. And it will be close-up photos so you don’t notice how few of them there are, and how many of us there were. Just like the March for Life every.damn.year.