Advice For the Single Christian…

… All of which I have heard from well meaning friends, and is promptly followed with some clever retort like “how but a nice hot cup of shut the hell up”.

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  • Maggie Goff


  • Jeanne Chabot

    As much as I get that it is lonely to be single – it is even more lonely being with the wrong person… So I know it can be frustrating – but the whole “don’t settle” thing? Don’t. Don’t do it. Everything else, “Jesus is your boyfriend now” etc… (Seriously?) you can just laugh off. Not the not-settling part. Because you know, you don’t want it to become “Jesus is your soul-mate now because you can’t talk to your own husband about anything.” either. But who am I talking to. Of course you know all this, you had one of those before. Anyway, ’nuff said.

  • kern

    my personal favorite (from my sister, married with three kids) – marriage is just another lifestyle choice. Were we even brought up in the same family??

  • amanda

    Ugh, yes! The well-meaning friends. Even when you preface “I just need to get these feelings off my chest, can you listen?”