Like the time I confused being a hermit with a pampered recluse…

… Do you ever sometimes wonder if you’d make a good nun because you look great in black, or because you’re really tired of having to style your hair every day.

Not a real nun.

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  • Jeanne Chabot

    There are two reasons (ok maybe three) why I would consider becoming a nun, (if you know, my husband ever left this life before I did)

    Reason number one – I may never want to re-marry again – I say this without much conviction, more like I think it might be a good thing to never re-marry.

    Reason number two – The no more bad hair days things. Definitely that. Oh, and I DO look good in black. White is so not my colour. But for those who do look good in white, there are nuns who wear white too.

    (Maybe reason number three) – I really do miss the community life. I lived for almost three years in different Catholic groups (for lay people) way back in my younger days and I miss that togetherness, the praying together, eating together, going to mass together, the mediation, the studying God’s word together. Doing chores together… Ok, I’ll admit you can get a lot of that simply in married life. – Just not in mine. I miss it. Truly, I do.

  • Neal Meyer

    I was in seminary for a year and a half before I discerned a call to marriage. Being a seminarian was great, I wore black all the time, my laundry was sorted into two piles, black and not black. I didn’t worry about hair styles because, hey, as a seminarian I don’t have to worry about looking good to girls, so cut it short and comb it enough to look professional and bam! you’re done. What am I going to wear today? silly question! Now I have to match my clothes and weigh my desire for a short no nonsense haircut (which my wife hates) with my desire for peace in my house. The desire for peace always wins!

    pro-tip, if you give priesthood/religious life a try, don’t get rid of your favorite clothes, not until you take vows. My wife was in a monastery for a couple of years, gave her favorite pink shoes to Goodwill before she left. Two years and some change she discerned she was not called to religious life and to this day morns her shoes.