Did Someone Say “Game of Thrones”…

… No? Well, too bad. My blog.

So I just finished reading a Clash of Kings, book 2 in the series, and I was all hyped to sit down and watch Season 2. I got out my television series watching provisions – wine and chocolate – and readied myself for a Game of Thrones marathon.

But noooooooooooooo. Is it showing on Netflix? Nope. Hulu? Nada. Amazon? Not there. How about iTunes. Nothing. Not even on HBO unless you’re a subscriber. Bastards!

Clearly I am forced to pirate the series now. I mean, I can’t possibly wait till March of 2013. Don’t judge. I’m not the first person who had the same idea.

I’ve even resorted to offering to pay people for their HBOgo password. I’ll give you free books or come to your house and clean. Whatever. Just to be clear, my cable provider does not offer HBO so I have no access to HBOgo services even if I wanted to. I’m really not trying to steal or be cheap. Just impatient as hell. Which isn’t as bad. Whatever. I’m desperate here!

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