Fret Not…

… Calm yourselves. Take a deep breath. Have a stiff drink. Say a quiet prayer. And rest your eyes on a little Fine Art Friday.

Vasilij Ivanovic Surikov , Young Woman at Prayer c. 1879

The Anchoress reminds us;

“You say the times are evil, then improve yourselves and the times will be better: you are the times.” St Augustine

Bookmark It: The Wine Dark Sea takes you on a series examining The Creed for the Year of Faith.

Rest your ears…

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  • maman04

    Thank you for “Fret Not”. Good thoughts to ponder after Tuesday. hmmm…what do you think of ” Hope and Change” for a new motto….oh, ummm…never mind

  • Jeremiah Palm

    What an utterly beautiful painting. The redness of eyes that have not rested from their prayerful task, The gaunt cheeks of holy poverty, or perhaps it is fasting. Her mouth does not seem to reciting, instead it looks as if she is listening closely. As sometimes happens in the ecstasies of prayer, is not Our Lord calling down to her even now. So Beautiful. So Beautiful.