A friendly PSA regarding “reserved” seats in Church…

… It’s Christmas Eve so don’t be one those jerk holes that camp out in the pews hours before mass starts, spreading out coats and purses to “reserve” the pew for your entire family. There are no reserve seats. If you do, expect to be scowled at disapprovingly.

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  • Ellyn von Huben

    You are not exaggerating. I work in a parish and see just how crazy it gets. Last year I was running some items to the sacristy and saw people camped out in the pews at 1:00pm for the 4:00pm Mass. If only people had such enthusiasm for every Mass.

    Father’s stern warnings about seat hogging go mostly unheeded and he asks the ushers to make people pick up their coats etc. and give up the seats about 15 minutes before Mass begins. Coats? I’m surprised people don’t go full-on Chicago “saving my shoveled out parking spot” style and bring lawn chairs, ironing board, and other assorted junk from the garage to stake out their pews. The crowds do not act in the most Christian behavior.

  • Angela Pea

    Oh dear, I’m one of those people. We don’t arrive hours early, but the daughters and I did place our purses on the pew to save seats for Husband and Sons who were parking the car…two blocks away. They dropped us at the door so we didn’t have to walk in the rain in our fancy shoes.

  • Felicity

    Let’s just sell the seats. What a great way to raise funds for the parish! Or better yet, lets be happy that so many people want to be at mass. While I agree it’s frustrating for us weekly mass-goers, we need to welcome everyone back to mass. That’s the mission isn’t it… reaching out to the lost sheep? Let’s hope that at least one person who went to mass this Christmas will be drawn back into the church. Merry Christmas!

  • jackie

    we never save seats in my family…just arrive an hour and a half early with books in hand:-)

  • Katherine

    Reserving seats doesn’t bother me so much… maybe that is because we are a family of 6, including 4 small children, and it is important we save room for my parents to help… um, sit with us. :) I was a bit shocked one year though, when we had gotten to Church early enough to get the front row and one elderly couple came, declared they “sat here every Sunday” and simply pushed their way into sitting in the pew.