Dear God, you do fantastic work…

… bellissimo!

"Pithy and so, so, true. If it were possible, I'd post a million of these ..."

#whyIstayed Why Women Stay In Domestically ..."
"All the best to you, Katrina! We'll miss you. Thanks for sharing your journey with ..."

Ten Years is a Long Run…
"Bon voyage on your new endeavours. And thank you."

Ten Years is a Long Run…
"I will miss your unique, funny, honest voice. Thank you for all the years of ..."

Ten Years is a Long Run…

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  • Thanks so much for Cusack.

  • Cusack is ever so dreamy!

  • Um … Where's Jim Caviezel?

  • I'm with chloesmom…where's Caviezel???

  • Bring on Caviezel, a great Catholic!!!!!! (although Gerard Butler ain't bad either)

  • wish granted!

  • Nice…

  • I'm an old hag (just look at my picture in the Ugliest Church Art contest – #17, right?). So while I do like to look at Gerard Butler (I'll take on "300" of him anyday!), my tastes run toward the more *mature*.Mark Harmon.Mark Harmon.MARK "OMG!" HARMON

  • haha, you pulled a June Cleaver 😀 Lord have mercy, that Gerard Butler is AMAZING!!!

  • Thank you for Jim! And Mark is great too! Did I say JC is awesome!Glory be to God — woohoo!

  • sometimes you just gotta stop and appreciate the bueaty. ooo la la Mr. McAvoy.

  • erard Butler…whew. ::fans self::

  • a-men

  • Eduardo Verastegui has to be in here. 🙂