How comment moderation works around here…

… What? You thought I was under some obligation to publish your comment?

How precious.

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  • Frank Weathers

    Heh. Heheheh…Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Stephanie A. Richer

    #&@*^#&*^#*&, MF!

    Tourettes runs in my family. Thus, you cannot censor me, else you would be in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act and I will sue.

    All kidding aside, American civics is languishing in our schools when I see the number of people who will become irate over a private person deleting or banning their comments, and crying “That’s censorship!” No, censorship is an act by the State and the question is whether it violates a First Amendment right, which is of itself not absolute (as the old chestnut of jurisprudence goes, “You can’t yell ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater”).

    Trust me, I’m a lawyer . . .

  • Catholic Bibliophagist

    “How precious,” is going to become a catch phrase in our household.

  • Jeanne Chabot-Baril

    Now I’m trying to remember again, just what movie that image was from… sheesh. I should KNOW this. I’ve SEEN it. MORE than once.

  • Karen

    That’s got to be my favorite J Jonah Jameson scene from the Spider-Man movies. The real ones, with a slightly gawky non-Brit playing Peter Parker. JK Simmons is the best J.Jonah ever.

  • Shank Rosenthal

    I was hoping that all the comments would have been deleted. Oh well. Comedy denied.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      nope. just yours. hilarity ensues.

  • Victor

    Heh. Heheheh…Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!
    If ya don’t allow my comment, “I’M” going to tell the “Joker”! :)

  • coyotenose

    Just take a looksee below to witness “thecrescat” becoming irate because Kent Hovind tried to profit off of child murders, and the mean ol’ atheists criticized him for it. Her implicit support of child-murder profiteering is fairly sickening.

    Gosh, I wonder if this criticism will be hidden, much the way Hovind works to hide public criticism of his vile statements. Cowardice in the face of the consequences of one’s own despicable actions is sadly a hallmark of their “faith”.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Actually if you bothered to read… what is it with atheists and reading comprehension? – you see that Tom & I were irate at the comments slamming Christians. That’s ok. I know thinking is hard for you.

      Oh. And you’re unceremoniously banned., .. poof. begone.

  • nitnot