I know it’s dangerous and someone will probably get harmed in the process but what’s the point of being the grown up in charge of all things if you can’t have a little fun with a chainsaw …

… The worst part about growing up is all the responsibility. Get a job. Pay the bills. Keep the kids alive. You always have to do the most sensible thing and make compromises for others.

No. Not this time.

I want to chop down my own Christmas tree this year. Never mind that the last time I held an ax involved testing the response time of the local paramedics. None of that matters. I want to get in my car and drive to the woods, hike through the snow covered forest and select that one special tree to chop down and drag home. I’ve wanted to make this Christmas memory every since I saw Christmas Vacation. And no one is going to stop me.

I don’t care how impractical it may be and I don’t care that there’s a tree lot less than a mile from the house. I want what I want and I want this, my Clark freaking Griswold moment in the woods with my family! We are going to do this and they are going to like it or, so help me, someone is getting maimed.

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  • Christine Dalessio

    We cut our tree down every year and the visceral joy of it – the cold, the sweat, the breathless sawing with a hand saw of it – is horrible and magnificent and… Christmas! Enjoy your Griswold moment!

  • GeekLady

    Honestly, a bow saw is better for cutting down Christmas trees. Plus that way the boy can help. We usually cut a tree down every year, but the drought has been bad enough that they’re not any better than a precut right now.

  • Angela Pea

    Yes to the bow saw. It’s also lighter than a chain saw and a gas can to carry as you hike in the snow.

  • Cordelia

    Oh, if only we lived near you! My 9- and 12-year-old sons actually *collect* chainsaws (and repair them…or at least that’s the theory) and would be over-the-moon at idea of being able to outfit you and the Boy with an appropriate saw and give you a few safety lessons. That said, however, I know they and my husband do use a bow (or swede) saw each year on our own tree… Happy hunting! And be sure to tell us how it goes. Just do try not to end up writing that post from the ER.