75 Year Old Woman Arrested For Sprinkling Holy Water On The Sidewalk Of An Abortion Mill…

… And yet the act of murdering infants is legal.

Dear Pro-Life Friends and Media,

Please read the forwarded message below and watch this disturbing video of a 75-year-old Christian/Catholic elderly lady being arrested for sprinkling Holy Water on a public sidewalk outside the local abortion business in Huntsville, Alabama.

I have personally known Mrs. Joyce Fecteau since 2008 and have interviewed her on several occasions. She is a kind, compassionate lady who raised seven children of her own, and she has also spent most of her adult life reaching out to pregnant women in need in helping them to get the resources that they needed to choose Life! She has helped to save hundreds of preborn babies and women from the pain of abortion, and many of the women that she has helped have returned to the sidewalk of the abortion business months and even years later to personally thank her for her efforts there.
I am disheartened that anyone would interfere with Mrs. Fecteau’s beautiful ministry and wonderful efforts in helping women. Women deserve the resources and emotional support for the choice of Life! Neither abortion nor the “slavery of welfare” are Equal Opportunity for women in America. We must continue to reach out and help pregnant women in need to decrease the number of abortions nationwide and to build stronger women in America!

For Life and Liberty,

Kelly Manley
Founder and President
Huntsville Right to Life

Follow the link for a video of the Mrs. Fecteau being arrested and taken into custody.

H/T Abbey Roads

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  • Dan Li

    … It was holy water. What, was she flailing an aspergillium by the clinic entrance? To arrest someone for that is a miscarriage of justice and *common sense*.