Abolish Human Abortion, Crazy Jack Chick Scary Anti-Catholic…

… Well this is awkward. Here I was endorsing a pro-life organization only to find out they’re staunchly anti-Catholic. Like Jack Chick anti-Catholic, only more cliche. I’m always amazed to learn the reasons some people give to hate the Catholic Church. They are always profoundly stupid. The reasons, not the people. Though if they weren’t, wouldn’t they be Catholic. But I digress.


Typical ignorance spouted by someone who knows absolutely nothing about the Church. Idolatry. Mary. Blah blah blah. My favorite is the line “since the RCC does not preach the gospel…”. Stop laughing!

So anyway, who is this Toby Harmon cat? He’s a key founding member of the group Abolish Human Abortion, a pro-life organization looking to drive a wedge into the pro-life movement by pitting Prots against Catholics apparently.

And when they got called out for being anti-Catholic, AHA offered this non-apology apology on facebook, noting it was still all our faults for stirring up controversy. Because calling the Holy Roman Catholic Church a “satanic religious system” in totally non-confrontational.

So I apologize, dear readers, if I have made it appear I endorsed this organization here and in my facebook activity. I will always encourage any organization that seeks to end the evil of abortion but not at the expense of my religion. The One True Faith. So I hereby, with no authority what so ever, declare Abolish Human Abortion and Toby Harmon Anathema, we cast him into the outer darkness and judge him damned with the devil.

Ok, so maybe not. But I do hereby publicly withdraw any support I may have previously had for them and encourage you to do so as well. There are too many legitimately good pro-life organizations, Catholic or not, who do marvelous work to be worried about this one very petty, simple minded organization.

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  • http://www.lisagraas.com Lisa Graas

    Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

  • Deb Thurston

    You sharp-witted mackerel-snapper! You had the best comments of all, and I’m glad you jumped right in the scrum. I took that page off my radar December 29 when they posted an image of Martin Luther looking over his shoulder at the church door, 95 Theses in hand. Their caption called Luther a patron saint, and that night I happened to be the first to comment, challenging their canonization. I sent a private message to AHA to follow up, and when I read the reply, I could see that someone had been reading Jack Chick tracts in their spare time. Well, well, well…

  • Sisu

    A shame, they have some nice messaging. Perhaps they should be snapped & slapped with mackerels!!

  • InkDuBlog

    It’s really disappointing, to be honest; they have a fairly decent eye for graphics, so they are useful to have on the pro-life side just to be eye-catching. I’d been assuming they were a Prot group for a while, but didn’t realize how anti-Catholic they are.

    • Heather P

      I had seen some of their graphics pop up in my facebook feed as well, and probably even shared them, because like you said, they have an eye for graphics & slogans. I really never gave them much thought until reading Kat’s post. Really sad, that they do not wish to play nicely.

      • DianaG2

        I have their “Twibbon” — AHA logo —- on my Twitter and Facebook profile photos. (You can see it here, on the left of this post. It’s on the upper right of my mandala design.)

        I always did feel a little nervous about some of the things I read on the website, as you guys say.

        But, as you guys also say — I liked their graphics and I liked the “Twibbon”. I think perhaps I’ll get rid of it now? Not sure how though?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=50603385 Alycia Hartley

    By the way, AHA does not consider themselves “pro-life” at all. They consider themselves the much more evolved (no pun intended) abolitionists.

    • http://twitter.com/alyxzandra alyxzandra

      But, they sell plenty of stuff about being against abortion from their for profit company? Sounds not only “pro life” to me, but also “pro profit”.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

    Thank you the wonderfully insightful reply.

  • http://twitter.com/Rhology Rhology
    • House Baelish

      It seems, from reading your reply, as if you think this post throws around accusations of bigotry lightly. Would you mind clarifying for me how this is consistent with your claiming throughout the entire post to be “persecuted” by people who simply say that you are wrong?

      Thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/alyxzandra alyxzandra

    Another admin in private has compared Catholicism as satanic. As someone said, a bunch of college and post college people who think they are bible scholars.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Doc-Kimble/100001742531811 Doc Kimble

    After a combox debate about The Blessed Sacrament between some AHA supporter and myself, when the ad hominem attacks came out, I immediately pulled the plug on AHA. Send them home with a letter for their parent. Their father than keep them until they’re ready to play nice with others.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ironiccatholic Susan Windley-Daoust

    Honestly, this is just not surprising. I haven’t followed this enough to know how much is anti-Catholic in an abusive way (although calling a group Satanic is pushing the envelope for sure).

    They’ve made at best three decisions:

    1. they do not know about Catholic theology but assume they do, and thereby spread mistruths

    2. they assume there is not a natural law explanation for being against abortion–that while we are spurred on by our faith, the argument is frankly much more basic. People are human from the moment of conception (scientific truth) and deserve a right to life (human rights language). The assume it can only be explained by the gospel, which limits with whom they can collaborate in good faith.

    3. they have decided religious purity is more important than effectiveness in abolishing abortion.

    Look, they are welcome to their opinion and it sounds a lot like the Campus Crusaders I knew in college. But if you;re going to call people Satanic, expect some pushback. The best thing we can do is kill them with kindness and frankly work with other organizations, wishing each other well.

    Although saying you’re welcome for the Bible is pretty darn funny.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ohyayitstrey Trey X Gaylord

    Toby’s comment and the apology you have shown here are largely unrelated.
    The poster was an image that basically said Catholics have been better at advancing the pro-life movement than Protestants for the past 40 years, and that Protestants ought to be ashamed and repent.
    They are connected by the fact that even though the poster WAS COMPLIMENTING CATHOLICS ON THEIR FAITHFULNESS, many Catholics misunderstood the poster and got mad, thus leading to the deletion of the poster.
    This is an irresponsible article.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      Your reading comprehension is the only thing irresponsible here.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

    I was going to delete this bit of twaddle but I think I’ll let it stay as a perfect illustration to the profound ignorance and religious intolerance displayed over at AHA. Thanks for proving my point.

    Now you are unceremoniously banned for ill breeding.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bridgetgreen16 Bridget Green

    Thanks for the info.

  • DontMakeMeComeDownThere

    Yeah, because Catholics aren’t really providing any care through CPCs, counseling, advocacy…. or hospitals, for that matter. You make a fine point, and a fine demonstration of charity. I think I’ll give AHA another look.

    • DianaG2

      Sarcasm, right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/stacia.marie.54 Stacia Marie

    leave it to satan to want to divide and conquer those in the pro life movement. Shame on AHA.

  • http://www.facebook.com/christina.pasterz Christina Molander Pasterz

    THE FOCUS, must be on ending abortion…if they are ignorant of the truth about the Catholic church, then teach them the truth, or refuse to be sucked into their stupidity. SAVE BABIES for God’s sake. I will still use their literature and palm cards that calls out the EVIL of abortion. They may be WRONG about the Catholic Church, but they are RIGHT about the EVIL OF ABORTION. Even a BROKEN clock is right twice a day…and GOD can use ANYONE or ANYTHING for HIS PLAN…even a jack ass!

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

    Catholics were the first Christians, you daft ignorant troll.

  • Lenny

    Wow. This is really disturbing!! :S

    They (AHA) just posted a status claiming that Pro-Life Movement created a blog entry just to purposefully slander them. :s I decided to google why AHA would be against PLM and one of the results lead me to this page.

    I find what Tony Harmon said to be very offensive!! I’m not even Catholic! I’m a Mormon! (Even though he did specifically pointed out my religion too; that also was offensive.)
    I’ve been to non-demoninational service. I’ve been to Catholic mass. Obviously I go to LDS church serives… And I can say we are all Christians! We all oppose abortion so… why make such a fuss about theological differences!? The pro-life movement isn’t about religious debate– it’s about touching people’s hearts and saving lives!!!! We are united together in love of Christ for righteous cause!! What the hell are they (AHA) thinking?? I’m thinking about un-friending them on FB but I’m debating it because I share a lot of their pics/links…

  • Clinton

    “They are always profoundly stupid.”

    Based on this statement, I’m not sure if a reasonable conversation can be had with you (after all, isn’t it at least conceivable that there are non-Catholics who have thought through the issue?). But the reason I am not Catholic is because I think the Roman Catholic Church is fundamentally mistaken on many of their doctrines. I don’t think that’s a profoundly stupid reason not to be Catholic, I think it’s a perfectly reasonable reason.

    That being said, I can appreciate your frustration at many Protestant strawman arguments against the Catholic church. I have many Catholic friends and have had the opportunity to talk to them and understand their doctrines (rather than listening to Protestant caricatures of the Catholic church). But I remain unconvinced of the truth of many of their doctrines.

    But that being said, I also share your frustration with AHA. I used to partner with them, but based on their strong stance against the RCC (I don’t consider Catholics to be heathens), and their position that only Protestant Christians can be true abolitionists, I have publicly dissociated myself from them and have even written a couple of blog articles about them. They are divisive and do more harm to the movement than good (I also have many Atheist friends, even in the pro-life movement).

    • Angela Goudman

      I’m guessing you might be Protestant? If so, you should be aware that all Christians were Catholic until men began to believe that the Catholic Church had lost the teachings of Christ. The problem with this attitude is that the Catholic Church can trace its roots all the way back to Christ and the Apostles. Jesus said to Peter (this is in the Bible), “You are Peter, and on this Rock I will build My church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” To state that the Catholic Church is mistaken is to state that the gates of hell prevailed against the church of Christ – or, in other words, that Jesus lied.

    • Leslie Fain

      ” I’m always amazed to learn the reasons some people give to hate the Catholic Church. They are always profoundly stupid.”
      Clinton, she is saying the reasons to *hate* the Catholic Church — not to not believe in it — are profoundly stupid. So, because she said this, you are saying a reasonable conversation cannot be had with her? This makes no sense to me.

  • DianaG2

    Wow, thanks for this information. I’m on it right now. I’ll be deleting the AHA logo (see left, on my profile mandala, upper right) from my profiles and pages.

    I always did have a funny feeling about them. I just went to “manual override” —- we’re all prolife, I figured. It’s about saving the babies.

    Thanks and God bless.

    What a bunch of jerks they are. (Excuse the name-calling.)

  • DianaG2


    RH123 — You are a genius!! What do you do when they come up to you on the street, though?

    PS: Can I quote you? Your post is brilliant!!

  • Angela Goudman

    The money that we give to the Church does not go to “some grand cathedral in Rome”. Most of it is used for upkeep and maintenance of the Church. Furthermore, we do not “sit there eating stale wafers and worshipping statues”. Catholics do NOT worship statues. The statues are only their as a reminder. Catholics ask Our Lady and the saints to pray FOR them to God. It’s no different than asking a friend on earth to pray for you. Furthermore, the Catholic Church was the original welfare system. The extensive lands held by the Church were held for the benefit of the poor, to provide them with the ability to work in exchange for food and clothing. For those who couldn’t work, or were working but couldn’t afford to feed their families, countless monasteries, convents, and priories worked to supply their needs, as did Catholic laypeople.

  • Angela Goudman

    I think somebody needs an education in the Catholic faith.