March For Life 2013…

… I was unable to make it to this year’s March For Life but that didn’t stop me from living vicariously through your photos, tweets, and blog posts. I was there in spirit. Below you’ll find pictures and links to people who were able to attend this year’s march on the landmark anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Oh, speaking of Roe, here’s a fun fact…. Norma “Jane Roe” McCorvey is now a Catholic who works tirelessly to end the law that bears her name.

Thank you to all those who suffered the freezing temperatures to support this noble cause. Thank you for representing and sharing your photos and experiences online to spread the pro-life message.

Matt Cassens photo of His Excellency, Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades with seminarians. See more at St. Blogustine.

Church Militant TV‘s photo of the crowds.

Lori Fowlkes photos shared on facebook – used with permission.

My awesome bishop, Bishop Jugis, Diocese of Charlotte. Photo by Catholic News Herald.

Nuns I want to hug! Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R. of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother.

And this guy winning at the March

Gretchen Filz coverage on the March featured in the Catholic News Herald.

If you have any photos or posts you’d like to share, drop me a line and I’ll add them here.

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  • Magdalen Dobson

    LOVING the Hyperbole and a Half sign!! Made me laugh out loud :D

  • Christine~Soccer Mom

    My husband chased that guy down on Constitution to get a picture of his sign for me. LOVE it & have had several people ask me to share it. :)

  • Christopher Lake

    I was there! Freezing my crippled legs off too but that’s a whole lot better than being killed in the womb! (This is my “born and raised in ‘Bama, tell it like it is” side showing here!) Here is what I wrote on the morning of the March, with a photo of me from the march in 2011:

    In America, when medical tests detect disabilities in unborn humans, they are often aborted. They are killed in the womb. This is the murder of a specific group of persons to which I belong. Today, I will be at the March For Life 2013 to speak for my aborted disabled brothers and sisters, and to speak for *all* aborted humans who never had the chance to defend themselves against the abortionists.