Planned Parenthood Realizes What The Rest Of Us Already Knew And Drops The Phrase “Pro-Choice”…

Last year I wrote that Planned Parenthood might want to reconsider their use of the phrase “pro-choice” because, well, they aren’t. It took them a few decades to catch up with what the rest of us already realized and have decided to stop identifying themselves as “pro-choice”.

Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens said the word “choice” itself might be causing problems. “When ‘choice’ got assigned,” she explained, “women didn’t have as many choices” in any area of their lives. Now that women have more rights and freedoms, she said, maybe “‘choice’ as word sounds frivolous.

“Frivolous” is not how I would describe it. “Intentionally deceptive” is more accurate. But we’ve already established Planned Parenthood has trouble with words and their meanings. Here’s a thought, Planned Parenthood, embrace your love of abortion and just go with the phrase “pro-abortion”. Pro-abortion is the perfect label for them to adapt, at least it’s the most honest.

It’s a burden always being right. Not really. It’s actually quite satisfying.

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