So You Want To Be Pope…

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  • Maurisa Mayerle

    Ha! Loved this. It was clever and informative.

  • Eugene Edward Yeo

    *grumble grumble* Eastern Catholic priests may be married *grumblegrumble* but we don’t draw our bishops from the priesthood *grumble grumble*.

    • Neal Meyer

      True true, a few other generalizations were made, though I would say it’s unlikely for an Eastern Catholic to be made Patriarch of the West! I wonder what would happen, would he automatically become bi-ritual? would he still do eastern liturgy? Would he shave? I MUST KNOW!!!

      • Eugene Edward Yeo

        There was a movie involving this a while back, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten the title. And I agree, it’s unlikely. I’m honestly not sure it’s something I want happening. Not that I wouldn’t be fine with it, I’m just not pushing for it. And I’d imagine he’d have to be educated to become bi-ritual, if he wasn’t already. It would be interesting to see how the rest of the East reacted. And as a tonsured monk, I don’t think he would.

    • Maggie Melchior

      There are three footnotes (as annotation videos in the lower right corner) and footnote #1 talks about Eastern churches and footnote #2 talks about married clergy in Eastern traditions and Anglican converts. Just fyi :-)

      • Eugene Edward Yeo

        I shall have to go back and re-watch! Thanks for that head’s up!

  • Victor Lams

    Additionally, I heard once that your car must also got mags that are dippy-dippy dope.

  • Rafiana

    Interesting for sure; Would love to have had it brought out Audibly that the Holy Spirit uses this process to choose the Pope, rather than rock, paper & scissors. Other than that, nice addition to tutorials on How Church Things Work.