Cardinal Mahony, Suddenly an Authority on Examples of Humility…

… Someone needs point out the irony of him tweeting about church simplicity and humility. How much did that monolith the Taj Mahony cost your diocese, Mahony? #practicewhatutweet

The prices for some cathedral furnishings have also caused consternation. $5 million was budgeted for the altar, the main bronze doors cost $3 million, $2 million was budgeted for the wooden ambo (lectern) and $1 million for the tabernacle. $1 million was budgeted for the cathedra (bishop’s chair), $250,000 for the presider’s chair, $250,000 for each deacon’s chair, and $150,000 for each visiting bishops’ chair, while pews cost an average of $50,000 each. The cantor’s stand cost $100,000 while each bronze chandelier/speaker cost $150,000.[9] The great costs incurred in its construction and Mahony’s long efforts to get it built led critics to dub it the “Taj Mahony”[14] and the “Rog Mahal”.[Source]

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  • priest’s wife

    I’m in California…the radio talk shows guys just LOVE to talk about the latest with Mahony and his infernal tweeting….he is such a stumbling block for believers and non-believers alike…

  • Han Ng

    Referring to the cathedral of Los Angeles as the “Taj Mahoney” is an unfair insult to Mughal aesthetic sensibilities.

  • Katrina Fernandez

    Aim to please.