Ah. America’s Favorite Pastime…

… You wanna know what it’s like to watch kids play baseball? More specifically, your child play baseball.

Let me break down.

The other team has boys on first and second. The kid up to bat hits a line drive straight to your kid in left center field. Your kid catches the hit and throws it to third like a boss. And the kid on third … yeah, he catches the ball alright. And proceeds to throw the ball to first. Without even touching the base or tagging the runner.

And I was like …

I am beginning to think there is a reason why so many parents just ditch and dash their kids to sporting events. To avoid uncontrollable outburst from the stands. Sometimes the game is just too painful to watch.

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  • DenverGregg

    Y’know if that’s the biggest mistake that kid made in the course of a day, he did pretty well. Sadly it was a public one for all to see, but still.

  • Heloise1

    once when my son was playing center field, he missed an easy out because he and the right fielder were engaged in catching a ground squirrel.
    Oh! the humanity!

  • Christine Hebert

    Been there, done that. It gets better as they get older…kind of.

  • M.B. Ryther

    Watching my sons play baseball through the years has probably been responsible for more grey hairs than just about any other activity. But also lots of pride and joy.

  • Michelle

    Even more frustrating when it’s girls high school softball and they make the same kinds of mistakes:)

  • tedseeber

    Challenger little league is much more relaxed. We cheer for every kid, every kid bats until they hit it, and if they want to run the wheelchair around the bases backwards, nobody cares. Last kid in the lineup always hits a homer to clean the bases.

    Of course, for many of these kids, it is a miracle they are on the field at all. Or, given our culture’s hatred of the imperfect, actually alive.