Cassandra Crescat …

… Same sex marriage is the gate way drug to legalizing multi-partner marriages. And marriages between animals and people. And between people and inanimate objects. Oh, and parents and their children. Can’t forget that.

It’s a slippery slope, I said.

You’re being ridiculous and paranoid, society answered back.

Am I now?

Introducing polygamy in the wake of same-sex marriage might not be such a bad idea, according to a writer who has criticised the “tyranny of the heterosexual couple form”.

Writing in The Guardian, Laurie Penny said she “can’t be the only one” who wonders if there are some positives to multi-partner marriage.

She said: “Personally, I started practising non-monogamy in my early 20s as a statement against the tyranny of the heterosexual couple form and the patriarchal nuclear family”.

Miss Penny mocked warnings from opponents of same-sex marriage that polygamy could be next, and she remarked: “I can’t be the only one who wondered if that’d be such a bad idea.”

Miss Penny, who describes herself as a “journalist, author, feminist, troublemaker, utopian”, made the comments in the wake of a BBC programme on polygamy entitled Monogamy and the Rules of Love.

But what does it matter anyway if we aren’t willing to speak out against no-fault divorce, which has made a joke out of the institution? I should have been a lawyer. Lawyers are the only ones monetarily benefiting from all this moral decay and debauchery. That and an oracle. A lawyer oracle.

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  • Nan

    The thing about polygamy is that it would have an impact on social security, pensions, family law, etc. that would be much different than the impact of same sex marriage; there’s also the question of whether a marriage must be polygamous at the outset and how people are added to the group. If polygamy were legalized, would one partner be able to add others without consent from the initial partner? Would all partners be considered to be parents of issue from the group? As it stands now, a spouse must name their spouse as beneficiary of a 401K; must all spouses be beneficiaries? What if partner dies, typically spouse gets social security and social security payments for minor children. How many spouses would get social security? Would all children in the group get social security even if they weren’t deceased partner’s biological children?

  • AMoniqueOcampo

    In the words of a singer from the early 2000s “Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?”

  • believer691

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