R is For “Random” and “Racism” …

… If Obama had a grandfather would he look like WWII veteran Delbert Belton? Or if Obama’s half white side had a son would he look like Chris Lane?

No. Empatic no. It doesn’t fit Obama’s race baiting narrative.

These two recent crimes are not being handled or reported for what they are… hate crimes. In this effed up world a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask is a hate crime that requires sensitivity training. But when black teens senselessly beat an elderly white man (which, btw, illustrates that fists can be weapons constituting the use of deadly force in self defense *cough* Zimmerman) and shoot an unarmed white jogger we are expected to view these incidents as “random”. I call bullshit. “Random” has become the police and media’s code word for “black on white crime” because it’s racists to say blacks can be racist. It’s only news worthy when it’s white racism. And even then it’s ok for blacks to retaliate with riots and more violence.

Here. Go read this: WWII vet, beaten by teens outside Eagles Lodge, dies

Notice something missing? The physical description of the assailants. But by God and country, when Zimmerman shot Trayvon the media gymnastics required to spin a Hispanic male into some secret Klan member, white supremacist was mind blowing. Yet when the victim is Caucasian this little nugget is not even deemed worthy of reporting.

Meanwhile, Oprah falsely accuses some poor store clerk in Switzerland of refusing to sell her a gazillion dollar diamond studded purse and the media drops the “R” word without an once of impunity. It didn’t take a minute of investigative reporting googling to discover this is the second time she’s made false accusations; each accusation perfectly timed with the release of a movie. Movies about, you guessed it, racism.

But what are the lives of two white people compared to the injustice of being denied a handbag? I know… let’s ask that champion of race relations and human rights, Jesse Jackson.

That’s right. When the victim is white it’s merely “frowned upon”. When the victim is black… march in protest and burn this motha down! Oh, and beat up white kids on a school bus. Don’t forget that. Must retaliate in kind.

I suppose this makes me a racist for pointing out the obvious.

Now you can all go back to being properly distracted by Obama’s new dog or Ben Affleck or something.

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  • http://zaireadams.blogspot.com/ zai

    While I agree with you that it needs to be even handed reporting, something nigh impossible in our society, I do want to note that the Rev. Jackson marching on behalf of a (most likely) young black man is not necessarily racist, beyond caring for what you consider your own. Everyone does this, you’re more likely to care when it is someone who resembles you or you have some sort of sense of solidarity.
    Further, in the scheme of things, being black in America has been a very, very unique experience. It is similar to what Jews have often faced, but it has its own…quality that make it its own thing. Because of American history, we have had to spend the past century or so learning to think differently. That’s because, in order to justify themselves and protect themselves, white slave owners (who practiced chattel slavery) had to find ways to dehumanize blacks. Males were emasculated, families constantly ripped apart (you know the story). All this still affects our families today, because many of our men have subconsciously bought into the donor mentality. They make the baby, but they aren’t really required to do anything beyond provide the initial…fuel.
    All that is to say that we have had to make sure we band together and marches were necessary, because we weren’t getting heard. In a lot of ways, we still aren’t.
    So, while I think that Jesse Jackson can be a blowhard (sharpton, too) and that these activists seem to randomly pick the cases to support, I cannot call that necessarily racist.
    Honestly, the term is too vague and doesn’t have a real, proper, standard definition. What does it mean to be racist? I think you’ve pointed out racist behavior (even if that doesn’t really help us define anything), but at least you heard about those poor men who were slain. I rarely come across such news about black males, unless people think it can serve them and that they can hype it up for ratings. (In fact, TVone reportedly tried to start a show where our missing children were given air time like you would see in so many other cases. I don’t know if it took off because I don’t watch tv.
    Anyway, I have something else to say, but it has to be on another post.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      Jesse Jackson sells out his own race for fame and notoriety. He constantly fuels the flames of racial tensions because it’s his job, And I’m sorry… I think more of black people than to blame white slavery for their problems. If the Jews can survive, and thrive, after the holocaust what excuse is there. In fact, it’s racist to think black people are incapable of better. I refuse to blame whitey. In fact, I typically make it a habit of character to blame no one but myself for my own problems. Personal responsibility, I believe it’s called.

      And you say “standing up for your kind”… lemme ask you how that would sound if I white person said that in the media? I’m gonna be righteously indignant over the death of Chris Lane and call for the country to protest and march in the streets. However, my concern will only extend to dead white people. You see what message that sends? That I believe white people being victimized is of greater importance than black people being victimized. If that isn’t racism than nothing is.

      If all life is equally valuable than Jesse Jackson, and everyone for that matter, should be condemning each death with equal fervor and not merely dismissing acts of violence as random. If Trayvon can be targeted because he was black, than Chris Lane and Mr. Belton can be targeted because they were white. Which they were.

      We need to stop calling everything but actual racists acts racism.

      • echarles1

        I think you should start a new foundation, “Racism No More.” Everytime a race hustler like Jackson proclaims something racist, you issue a press release and say “Racism No More rates this statement False.” (Or on rare occasions perhaps even true.) You’d start showing up on news shows with such regularity you’d quickly be the go-to on the subject. You have the verbal muscle to be a hell of spokeswoman on tv. Racism No More!

      • http://zaireadams.blogspot.com/ zai

        I don’t know how it is that everyone seems to think that I don’t advocate for or believe in personal responsibility. I don’t blame “whitey” for all of my problems as a black man, especially because my intelligence gets me flack from all sides (because, you know, only those of Euro descent can be smart. that’s a white thing). I don’t jump at every instance of something happening where people are of different races assuming it was fueled by racism. I also don’t go in on conspiracy theories. I think there is plenty that blacks (and other peoples) do to themselves that compound their misery.
        That said, I also don’t see why you think I disagree with you, I just wanted to point out that it was more complex than you’re giving it credit for. I personally think that Jackson and Sharpton started out well, and that they haven’t grown much from their beginnings. Though it is better now, a little noise is necessary to get our problems heard. Back when they started, it was especially true. If we didn’t say anything, no one else was going to (except Mother Church (if you haven’t read about America’s first black priest you should)). Jackson and Sharpton are kind of relics in their own way, but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t problems.
        The difference between what happened to the Jews and my people is that the Holocaust was systematic murder and not cultural destruction. The Jews were thought of as vermin and were scapegoats, African slaves were a meal ticket. The best way to perpetuate that was to separate families (from where we learn to be who we are), beat people nearly to death, keep them from learning and treat them as property. We all know about Stockholm syndrome and there were many freed African slaves who went back to their masters in what might be a case study in that illness. (now, all slave owners weren’t horrible to their slaves, but they certainly tended to believe that they were better out of virtue of their white skin).
        In general, most persecution of the Jews did not set out to destroy their culture (though there were attempts at that) just to make them leave or have less of them. They also had had a homogenous culture well before the scriptures were written. African slaves were not even taken from all the same tribes and there is a ton of tribal difference and hatred in Africa (one of the big reasons it is so messed up out there now). There were plenty of similarities but it’s like the similarities between Latino cultures, in general they have a different way of being but they share certain elements. This is shown in how some Latin Countries use the plural you conjugation and others don’t, also music and art tend to be different despite having a lot of the same history to draw from. Latino and African, as terms, do not quite give justice to all that these people were and are. They are useful categories on occasion, but we cannot forget where they differ. So, it wasn’t a whole “people” that were enslaved but several “peoples.”
        In conclusion, I wholly agree that those crimes could have been racially motivated and that there should be even coverage (something I don’t hold my breath for). We rush our news and don’t let the facts themselves spin the story. We make conclusions immediately from scant evidence. Because we are so rushed, we don’t know how to accurately label things. I agree that Jackson and Sharpton and people like them should broaden themselves (but with the former two I can understand their focus). Those who haven’t lived as a Black person in America have some trouble understanding, even if they empathize. I am just saying it is not cut and dry.
        (note: the case with the Australian seems to be more like those boys who raped a girl and filmed it for fun, late displaying it etc. a sign of the moral depravity in America in general and not necessarily racism. that was the one where they said they did it cause they were bored right?)

        • http://zaireadams.blogspot.com/ zai

          Oh, and I would not mind you being overtly worried more about one group of people than another, I just want it to be remembered that the new rhetoric used by the media etc. is still quite new. It wasn’t long ago (in the scheme of things) that the boys who perpetuated these crimes may have already been put on death row. (hyperbole, but only slightly) It was also fairly recently that a lynch mob could get away with their crime without ANY investigation. Tons of progress has been made, but we still have many attitudes to change etc.
          I think it insulting to say that blacks can’t do better, I know we can. We had our own renaissance. I just want to keep in mind that these crimes weren’t always viewed in the same way.
          I think that looking after your own is admirable (particularly when done for proper reasons) but I think that being Catholic and Christian in the fullest sense requires use understanding that EVERYONE is our own.
          I think all loss of life is terrible, I think the death penalty is wrong (though some times necessary) and I fight for life whereever I can. But, the world isn’t Catholic, so I’ll note the good aspects of what they do while keeping in mind what they are missing. I hope that makes sense. I may or may not actually be awake.

    • MProblem

      Zai, people like Jackson and Sharpton and a great many white liberals encourage black dysfunctional behavior because they make money off of it. That’s the cold hard truth. The worse that a certain subsection of blacks behave, the more they can squeeze out of the taxpayer for programs and grants and special government-funded this and that to “solve” the “black problem.”

      Much of which are administered by white (and black) liberals who can’t or won’t get jobs anywhere else.

      They have a vested interest in encouraging black people to be violent, to fail in school, to think that it’s hopeless to try to get anywhere because whitey will always hold them back. That way the government teat will never run dry and there will be cushy government-funded jobs forever. Get it?

      These people are not your friends. Jesse and Al aren’t standing up for your people. They are in it for the money, power and status.

      Why do Hollywood liberals push horrible, nihilistic, hateful rap music that glorifies racist, sexist, violent “values” onto your people? They don’t care about you–they are in it for the money, and to be “cool.” That’s it.

      • http://zaireadams.blogspot.com/ zai

        I am well aware of these issues, it’s one reason I’ve always been picky with the media I engage in. I just have this stupid streak of hope for humans and tend to believe that most people at least have noble reasons. They could very well just be in it for money, but I cannot really make that judgement without knowing thing. I don’t think of them as friends, I actually hardly think of them at all.
        I do know that there are people who use all this for gain, I’m not naive. But, I also hate rushing to conclusions and know that most people don’t get how complicated some of this is. I have no illusions about Hollywood caring about anyone but themselves, I just hope that I’m wrong.
        I think there was a time when Sharpton and Jackson actually were standing up for our people and, while it is still necessary, they haven’t…”evolved.” They seem to still operate on an older paradigm which has made a slight shift, or their goals completely changed. I don’t really know.
        I am still very much for not blaming others for our problems, but I think knowing how something became a problem can be helpful.

  • http://zaireadams.blogspot.com/ zai

    Part 2: 1. Blackface has severe and serious connotations, however it is used. Sometimes people may over react, but considering it was used for dehumanizing us in the past, it makes sense for people to still get rankled. we are not all that far removed from all that.
    2. I find the media to be uneven on other types of race issues. Again, since it is just about ratings, they are only after stories that they can spin into scandals. What they label as racist is incredibly inconsistent and only further muddles things. How can we ever really dialogue about this is people keep going through mass-media for their truths?
    I personally refuse to live with a chip on my shoulder for being black. I want to get my work or whatever based on my character and ability to do a job. I don’t want to be viewed at the “Poor Little Black Fellow” who needs doting in order to get anywhere. So, I do not often cite racism as being a particular problem in any story I hear, unless there are things that come to light that would make me make such an inference. I want to be treated as a creature of God.
    Our media slaps labels on things without even the slightest “googling.” But, there are things that should be given attention. For example, I’m a teacher and I know for a fact that most curriculum is extremely Euro-Centric. now, I realize that Europeans founded the country etc. My problem is that we try and cram knowledge about whatever minority during a months time, instead of teaching it as a part of the whole of history. When I was in high school a few years ago, I had a white classmate actually be surprised when I told her of many inventions that were made by black people that relate to things we use today. She said she just assumed that we have never done anything. That’s nearly a direct quote.
    That’s not how things should be. So, I agree that the media is incredibly flawed and does not use their label maker properly (I mean the Oprah thing is ridiculous), but I things there is much to be fought to this day. We aren’t “post-Racial” and won’t be unless we get it together. (that is become catholic. the most diverse churches I have ever been to)

    Ok. I’m clearly rambling and tired. I hope I made some sense.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      Um, the mask wasn’t black face. It was a mask of a man, who happens to be half black. The same rodeo had a clown wear a Bush mask.

      • http://zaireadams.blogspot.com/ zai

        I didn’t say it was blackface. I merely noted the connotation. People are going to associate most instances of a white man impersonating a man of african descent with blackface. It’s a knee jerk reaction but a common one. Not everyone knows the full history of the phenomenon, so not everyone is able to properly recognize it. I could care less about the mask, I don’t think it was blackface or was used with any intent towards it. I do however think that the reaction shows that we are far from Post-Racial.

    • http://eacafe.blogspot.com/ Oo_oc_oO

      “I know for a fact that most curriculum is extremely Euro-Centric. now, I realize that Europeans founded the country etc”

      And explored the world, created science, mathematics, and classical music, and so forth. Maybe it’s the world itself that is Eurocentric?

      • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

        I suppose by Zai’s thinking accomplishments shouldn’t be celebrated or studied because they happen to be made by white people.

        • http://zaireadams.blogspot.com/ zai

          That’s definitely part of what I am saying. It’s human history not (black, white etc). But, I am also saying that American history needs to be more varied because it wasn’t just European contribution.

          • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

            It isn’t as “varied” because that is where civilization started and advanced from. History is history… what are going to affirmative action-ized history now? And you sounded so much more intelligent than that.

          • http://zaireadams.blogspot.com/ zai

            That’s where our civilization started and advanced from, yes. Again, that’s not my problem. But, even exploration would not have happened without borrowed inventions from other cultures (like the astrolabe which was invented by Arabs). Humans borrow from one another all the time and that doesn’t lessen the things they do. I am just advocating widening the net since America is truly pluralistic, post-slavery especially. I’m not asking for a complete overhaul, just adding to the mix.
            I don’t even like Affirmative-Action in real life, so why would I like it in history? I will say, however, that there was a time where it was definitely needed, to provide equal opportunity. I think it is needed less so now and also that it has become rather insulting. How do you know you were brought in because you’re awesome and not because you filled a quota?
            Finally, if we’re honest, there is plenty of civilization that we don’t know about because records didn’t survive and, at the very least, Mesopotamia was where civilization “started.” Even Egypt isn’t European, despite its proximity. Our Eurocentric culture became what it is through a Semitic gift we call the Faith. Again, I was not trying to overturn everything and say ‘black people did all the things.’ Nor was I trying to say that ‘we shouldn’t learn about stuff white people did.’ I just think it is important to note that all that we have now is not only based on European thought though that is the bulk of it.

    • JoFro

      I’ve seen Blackface – no intelligent rational person who sees the Obama mask is going to look at it as blackface. It’s the face of the President, who happens to be bi-racial! I’ve seen similar masks of Reagan and Bush Sr and Jr.

      Secondly, history is Euro-centric in America and even in Europe because they happen to be either founded by Europeans or are a part of Europe. In India, history until European colonisation happens to be Indocentric and then following the repeated invasions by Islamic jihadis into the Indian subcontinent, happens to be heavily Islamocentric. In China, its heavily Sinocentric. This is not racist or horrible – it just is the way of the world.

      A student in Sweden needs to be taught alot more about the history of Sweden than the history of Thailand, despite the fact that thousands of Swedes travel annually to that country every summer. I’m not saying to not teach world history but at the end of the day, your respective country’s history is always going to take prominence.

      And finally, this blogger is taking Obama and his fellow race pimps in the media to task – what happened to Trayvon was a tragedy but the way the media and the US President handled that was something to be concerned about. He did the same thing with that black professor!

      • http://zaireadams.blogspot.com/ zai

        I don’t mind the Euro-centricity per se. I mind the fact that kids of color have to go digging just to hear more than George Washington Carver or Booker T. Washington mentioned. For instance, Garret Morgan invented the traffic light and the gas mask (1914). Gas masks were incredibly important with the new warfare of World War I. You don’t even have to go into that much detail, but you can at least spark the notion that not everything was done by those of European descent. Again, I was literally told by a friend that she assumed we (blacks) had not done anything in American or world history. Back then, I didn’t have the access to the information necessary to dispel that notion.
        The point I wanted to make was never that we should not recognize the European center of our culture, but that we should also recognize the contributions from minorities and not reserve those times for certain months. You can integrate a lot of it quite easily, and it need not be the most in depth thing ever. Its presence can mean the difference between a kid caring about history at all and shirking it off as a white people thing.

        • JoFro

          The sad fact though is that compared to Europeans and the ancient Chinese and Indians, there truly is a dearth of inventors when it comes to Africans.
          As for Morgan’s inventions, while great, does your average American kid know enough of WW1 itself?
          I’m not disagreeing with you. Perhaps, in schools which have huge number of minorities, there should be more emphasis on people like Morgan!

  • MProblem

    This is a kick-ass article and LOVE your “mackerel snapper” moniker. LOL! I’m actually old enough to actually remember why they started calling us that!

  • Nicole Welde

    Some images of the killers indicate that at least one of the teens in the Chris Lane murder is white. The issue is not, therefore, about racism because the white teen is not racist against his own race. The issue is the low value that the teens put on human life of any race. They view this whole thing as a joke and murder as something to do when you are bored because they were never taught the value of human life.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      The white kid is half black… like our president. And that fact doesn’t negate the racially driven motive for shooting Chris Lane.

      • JoFro

        One white kid is half-black – the other is white – could be a whigger – yes, they exist and yes, they happen to be paradoxically very racist against their own race – some kind of weird “white guilt” thing I believe!

  • Stu


    You are right. Absolutely.

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    A good question came up the other day. I forget who it was, but here it is. Has race relations gotten better or worse since Obama became president in 2009? I don’t think anyone can say it has gotten better. Frankly I would think it has clearly gotten worse. Once he started commenting on a few racially charged incidents (remember the black Harvard professor back in the early part of Obama’s administration who claimed racism because the police asked him for ID in his home and Obama reflexively took the racist assumption) and strictly taking the racial huckster’s side of each of those he commented on, then every single incident that he doesn’t comment on has been a means to showing him up. And rightly so. The result is that we as a nation are all on tippy toes when it comes to racial incidences. No question in my mind that race relations has gotten worse. And wasn’t that one of his mandates for getting elected? Add this to the thriving economy and the sparkling foreign policy *huge sarcasm* that he can claim as accomplishments. The words EPIC FAIL have a real resonance when it comes to his presidency.

  • tj.nelson

    Oprah wasn’t wearing make-up in both instances. It was an injustice, and you know it Kat. She deserves an Oscar.