America’s Favorite Pastime…

… Nun Gazing!

Nuns playing baseball — Austin, Texas 1963.

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  • AMoniqueOcampo

    YAY! The nun gazing is back! Keep praying for vocations. BTW: I’m 60-70% sure that I’m called to religious life, so please pray for me dear sister in Christ.

    • Augustine

      You will never be 100% sure. Discernment has to leave room for faith, when you have to step in the dark trusting that God will lead you according to His designs.

      Rest assured of my prayers.

  • Stu

    Good eye! She is tracking that pitch like Ted Williams.

  • echarles1

    When nuns were more like nuns there were fewer “nones.”

  • Augustine

    Fifty years later, nuns spotted in Austin again!!!