Halloween for Lazy People and the Crafty Challenged…

… Like everything else in my life, I wait to the last minute to post some Halloween stuff that probably could have been useful last week. You know, food treats to take to a party or your kid’s class — stuff even I can’t ruin.

Apples, peanut butter, and mini marshmallows — how hard can it be?

And just look at these super cute costume’s for All Saint’s Day. I love them all.

It pays to plan ahead. However, if you find yourself in a pinch or not quite that crafty, might I recommend a St. Sebastian costume. All you need are some Nerf gun darts, 45 seconds, and a willing victim.

Yes, that’s my son. And because I’m a good mother, of course I plan on using this photo as blackmail when he’s a teenager.

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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I love it!

  • doughboy


  • Elisabeth

    Because you’re a good mother, HE might be using this as blackmail when he’s a teenager. “Remember that time you glued nerf darts to me and posted it on the internet? Can I borrow the car?” It’s a double-edged sword…

  • Eugene Edward Yeo

    Look at the trireguni! LOOK AT THEM!