Hell Is Hot…

… My goodness! I haven’t heard this much talk about Hell since my Pentecostal Church, snake throwing days. Think what you will of Southern Baptists and their babbling counterparts, those Pentecostals, but they sure have the knack and passion for preaching about sin and damnation. I do miss those fiery sermons cultivating that healthy fear of offending the Lord. Everybody wants to be friends with Jesus now-a-days, but they also forget He judges.

Judgement in the front, Mercy in the back.

Even if we all can’t agree, it’s still nice to see Catholics talking about Hell. We don’t do that much anymore.

I like what Elizabeth Scalia has to say on the matter, “Whether it is an actual place or a state of being is utterly immaterial to me; it is the place without God, and I want to be saved from it.”

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  • Stephen Lowe

    Ah yes, divine mercy does not negate infinite justice. You can live your life fearlessly believing in God’s mercy (in old parlance, that is called presumption- a sin in and of itself) or you can try your best to live virtuously (with God’s graces) and still fear divine justice but approach that great day with as clean a conscience as possible. I choose door number two, but I fail frequently. Pray for me and I”ll continue praying for you.

  • Christian LeBlanc

    I owe much of my Catholicism to my Southern Baptist neighbors and friends.

  • Allison Grace

    Were you really a pentecostal? My husband was an AG pastor…

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      Sherwood Church of God in Birmingham, Alabama. Yee haw! I was baptized full immersion by water but never got the tongues, so I wasn’t officially recognized as one of their own. I brought a rosary to one of their prayer meetings. I think they were glad to see me go.

  • Sam2001

    Sorry, the Baptist and Evangelical Preachers have NOTHING on Hell compared a German (Bavarian actually) Trappist priest (pre-Vatican II formation) I once knew that was doing homilies on The Book of Revelations, and eternal damnation.
    I WAS SCARED! And I had yet to make my First Confession or First Communion.

  • Quittin’ time at Tara!

    My personal hell would include Mark Shea wagging his finger at me and telling me I am an idiot, poisonous, sinful, need to go to confession, should be embarrassed, I make the baby Jesus cry, and will be cut from his combox forever. Then, he eats Butterfingers right in front of me, one after the other in perpetuity, offering me none, to the soundtrack from Dirty Dancing.