Hell Is Hot…

… My goodness! I haven’t heard this much talk about Hell since my Pentecostal Church, snake throwing days. Think what you will of Southern Baptists and their babbling counterparts, those Pentecostals, but they sure have the knack and passion for preaching about sin and damnation. I do miss those fiery sermons cultivating that healthy fear of offending the Lord. Everybody wants to be friends with Jesus now-a-days, but they also forget He judges.

Judgement in the front, Mercy in the back.

Even if we all can’t agree, it’s still nice to see Catholics talking about Hell. We don’t do that much anymore.

I like what Elizabeth Scalia has to say on the matter, “Whether it is an actual place or a state of being is utterly immaterial to me; it is the place without God, and I want to be saved from it.”

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