Fine Art Friday and Airedale Terriers…

Woman with Airedale Terrier Edvard Munch, C. 1925-1926

Because I’m partial to Airedale terriers. Did you know that an Airedale terrier was the first “first dog” of a president to get regular press coverage?

Warren G. Harding and Laddie Boy

My that’s a handsome looking dog, that Laddie Boy is. Not unlike my own… with hims kissy widdle pup face. I’m referring to the dog, of course. Not the boy child.

Other awesome Airedales, Paddy the Wanderer.

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  • Ishmael_Alighieri

    Knew a dog breeder/trainer once. She said Airedales require a very firm hand, as their default setting is ‘I’m the alpha dog around here, I make the rules, puny humans.’ And they’re smart – a dangerous combination.

    They are cute, though.

    Joseph, owner of a stupid*ss mut.