Girly Blather, Another Makeup Edition…

… Dear men, I am about to blather on. Please divert your attentions elsewhere. Here’s a start… How to dress a deer.

OK, ladies, now that we have the place all to ourselves, let’s talk about makeup and get all girly. I’m always excited when I find new products that actually do what they advertise because then I can justify the splurge. First let me start off by telling you about this wonderful face spackle, L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur instant skin smoother. It does what it says it does, make pores look smaller and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s kind of thick so apply lightly and sparingly. It also helps to wait a bit before putting a concealer or foundation on top. I still use my BB Cream, but this gives you face a nice smooth palette for your makeup to work with. I’m starting to get those crinkly little lines in the corner of my eyes. This stuff really minimizes their appearance.

Another favorite thing I’ve discovered are these eye shadow sticks that are so popular right now. They make blending and the smokey eye fool proof.

L’Oreal and Revlon both have their own versions. I tried the Revlon one first because it was cheapest but shadow was too creamy and creased in my eye. L’Oreal was much better, but the color is more intense where Almay is more sheer. I wear the Almay brand to work and during the day because it’s a more subtle blend. L’Oreal I save for the evenings when I want a good smokey eye. The reason I gave the eye stick a try was in winter the lack of humidity makes my eyes very watery. Conventional powder shadows would smear away by the time I made it into work and I was constantly reapplying. With the shadow sticks my eyes can tear up all they want and this stuff won’t come off. Nouveau Cheap offers a thorough product review.

So if you looking for a little pampering this Valentine’s day, treat yourself. And remember… the half priced chocolate on Saturday.

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  • Christian LeBlanc

    Men put a premium on those crinkly lines, it’s one way they can tell women from girls.

  • Philippa Martyr

    I can hardly wear any eye makeup at all because everything seems to make its way eventually downward and inward, and makes my eyes water. Not to mention the Rocky Racoon look when I rub my eyes by accident.

    Then I discovered eyelash dye, and lo! my world now rocks!

    Happy priming. But I love Maybelline BB cream; it’s practically all that works on me right now.

  • Quittin’ time at Tara!

    The older I get, the more elusive the smokey eye is. I wonder why? Maybe I have become so white it is impossible to blend it. Maybe I should consult the big guns at the funeral parlor.

    Smokey eyes are so pretty, especially in plum, for me. The makeup artists at MAC apply an undercoat of neutral tint before they brush on the eye shadow. It makes everything stick. I had no idea there were eye shadow crayons again; my first one in high school was in sparkly purple rain. Oh, yes. I am getting me one of those. So simple.

  • echarles1

    1. The first time I ever heard the term “smokey eye” was last week and I honestly thought it was related to whatever Bob Costas has.

    2. The vast majority of women look better with no makeup at all.

    • Stu

      Women wear makeup for other women.

  • KimV

    Okay, Kat, I went and bought the Miracle Blur just now based on your review. If it does what it says it does, that would be awesome for me – I’m hoping it works as well as an expensive primer I bought, but with the exception of making me break out like crazy. The sunscreen is an unexpected bonus!!