So Scotland is where they hide all the manly men…

Macdonald Armouries, which makes reproductions of edged weaponry for collectors, museums and theatre companies and historical fencers, is offering what must be one of the most unique work opportunities in the country.

Owner and master-at-arms Paul Macdonald, 41, is to offer two new starts the chance to gain experience in one of Scotland’s rarest heritage crafts today. Applicants do not need any previous experience but they must be confident in their abilities to learn quickly and create with various power and hand tools.

Paul, who described the job as demanding but rewarding, said: “A passion for history has to be there because we research and study original pieces – it’s an essential part of the job. [Read more]

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  • Augustine

    A manly Scot would wear a kilt around a forge, not pants.

    • SteveP

      Clearly he’s been reading some of the Catholic blogs here at Patheos and chooses pants for comfort and convenience rather than a kilt for modest. ;-)

      • Katrina Fernandez


        • Augustine

          Speaking of manly men, no feminine woman would be caught dead in pants. Husband’s pass or not. Just a man saying…

          • Eugene Edward Yeo

            I’m secure enough in my manhood not to find my woman less feminine as a result in her choice in bifurcated as opposed to unbifurcated garments.

        • SteveP

          Oh. Well then if he has duly annotated documentation then my incipient legalism is assuaged. Carry on. ;-)

    • tj.nelson

      Like this?

      • SteveP

        Ack! Now we know why Scottish bakers burn their buns!

  • Refragable

    Sadly Scotland isn’t looking so manly now – the same-sex marriage bill was passed literally minutes ago :(

  • Theodore Seeber

    I just saw a meme on facebook: Real Women can do anything. Real Men don’t let them.

    I responded back that after public school in the 1970s, it was drilled into American men that not letting them do anything was an insult rather than a complement- and how incredibly false that was.

  • Viterbo Fangirl

    *wondering if clicking on the Macdonald Armories link for no other reason than to see if there are any more pictures of that guy would qualify as succumbing to a temptation against the sixth commandment* #devout catholic problems