Digital Lent …

The kids with their apps and fancy smart phones.

Did you know reminders to pray and abstain from meat can be delivered right to your phone? Isn’t technology amazing?

Here’s four suggested apps from NCR. Magnificat Magazine also has a downloadable app but I’m sort of partial to Focus’s Lentsanity campaign. It’s quirky and visually entertaining.

What’s that you say? You don’t own a smart phone. Don’t worry, neither do I. I prefer old school, daily email reminders delivered to my inbox and bookmarking my favorite websites for reference.

I’ve referred to Catholic Culture’s Lent page for years now. EWTN has some nice stuff up and the USCCB has a calendar of daily inspirations you can print out.

Although, if you’re going to print out anything I’d suggest this…

Seen at Reddit /r/Catholicism.

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