3 New Priests Ordained in Charlotte Diocese…

… “Now, dear sons, you are to be raised to the order of priesthood.

(Photos by SueAnn Howell, Rico De Silva and Patricia L. Guilfoyle, Catholic News Herald)

HUNTERSVILLE — The morning of June 28 was marked by pure joy and gratitude as the Diocese of Charlotte’s three newest priests were ordained.

With expressions filled with emotion, Paul Maxwell Buchanan, Noah Christian Carter and Paul David McNulty stood before Bishop Peter J. Jugis to present themselves for priestly ordination at the start of the ordination Mass at St. Mark Church.

Father Christopher Gober, director of vocations for the diocese, presented the three men to Bishop Jugis, declaring their worthiness to receive holy orders.

“My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, our Deacons Paul McNulty, Noah Carter and Paul Buchanan have now been chosen for ordination to the sacred priesthood,” Bishop Jugis replied.

“Jesus, the Great High Priest Himself, established this priesthood in the Church. He chose Apostles from among all His disciples to carry out a special priestly office in His Church so that through the Apostles and now through the successors of the Apostles the bishops, He continues even to this day to exercise His office of teacher, priest and shepherd in the Church.” [read more & see more photos]

I know two of these young men and seeing them ordained brings me great joy. Congratulations to their families as they celebrate this joyous moment in their son’s lives.

Love these guys! Team McNulty with Bishop Jugis (Photos by SueAnn Howell, Rico De Silva and Patricia L. Guilfoyle, Catholic News Herald)

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