This was never about birth control…

This was never about birth control… June 30, 2014

… Obviously.

In response to all the leftist outrage over the Hobby Lobby ruling…

You do know that if you really can’t afford to fund your own promiscuity you can look into your local health department, where you can get your pills for free or dramatically reduced based on your income? Condoms are always free there. If you’re in college, go to your local student clinic. Your contraception is free there too.

In other words, don’t make me financially support something I am morally against just because my moral objections happen to offend you.

This whole let’s make everyone pay for my birth control is ludicrous. And you know it. This was never about birth control and if you think it is, let me remind that…

1) No one has ever died from not having sex
2) Sex or lack thereof is not a medical emergency
3) Pregnancy is not a disease

It’s been two whole years since I wrote this post, and still no one has been able to coherently explain to me why, out of all the drugs in the whole wide world, birth control is the one that should be free.

Birth control over heart medications? Birth control over diabetes medication and testing supplies? Birth control over cancer drugs?

Let me just put this out there for you right away. Sex is not a medical emergency. Sex is not a medical emergency. Sex is not a medical emergency. I’ll put your mind at ease; you are not going to die from not having sex.

However, you will die without blood pressure medications or insulin. So I ask – birth control of all things?! I mean of all the drugs out there that people actually need to survive, why something as selective as birth control. No one is going to go into heart failure, kidney failure or diabetic shock without their Yaz.

Birth control pills? Really? Truly? I can’t believe more people aren’t insulted or outraged by this. Do you know how much insulin is and diabetic testing supplies are? I do. My mom has diabetes and even with insurance her co-pay is a over a hundred dollars a month. I personally know a family who had to sell their home to afford cancer treatment for their child even though they were well insured. I’m sure they would have been enormously grateful and overjoyed for a few rounds of free chemo. People are actually trying to decide between groceries, their medications, or gasoline …

Really? Birth control is your priority? What does that say about you?

Also, you can get birth control for free. So there’s that.

This has always been, and will continue to be, a fight of morals with one group of people offended that another group actually has some.

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