VIDEO: How Important Is Mentoring?


If you think about most of the major life-decisions you’ve made, there was probably someone there giving you feedback and advice. Am I right? We may not always call that person a “mentor,” but they do tend to function according to the definition of one. [Read more...]

Mentors, Money, & Personal Development

wide angle skyscraper

If you want to be an elite leader, you’ll need mentors, money, and personal development. Building upon research reported in his Pulitzer Prize nominated book,Faith in the Halls of Power: How Evangelicals Joined the American Elite, Laity Leadership Institute Senior Fellow and Rice University sociologist D. Michael Lindsay mined this startling new data about the factors that help elite leaders advance in their careers. [Read more...]

VIDEO: You Will Be Inspired by How These Millennials Serve God in Their Work

Dylan Weston bottle feeds a young calf on the dairy farm.

The faith and work movement is getting old. It is time to educate and empower the next generation. [Read more...]