VIDEO: How Important Is Mentoring?

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If you think about most of the major life-decisions you’ve made,  someone was probably there giving you feedback and advice. Am I right? We may not always call that person a “mentor,” but they do tend to function according to the definition of one.

It’s that extra outside perspective that helps give us the confidence that we’re doing the right thing (or the wisdom to know that we’re not). That’s what a good mentor brings to the table. And it’s more than quick advice. It’s coaching and guidance which comes from experience and relationship.

Jenny says…

It changes things when someone says, “I’m doing this…because I see the potential in you.” (Click to tweet!)

How can you ensure that you have someone like this in your life? If you don’t already have a mentor, then who can you ask? And who can you be this kind of person for? Set up meetings with a potential mentor and a potential mentee today!


Show Me the Way

The BusinessWeek article, The Misery of Mentoring Millenials suggests that “For a new generation of workers, the idea of seeking out a single career confidant is…old-fashioned.”

Perhaps this represents more of a shift from single mentorship to communal mentorship than it is a shirking of wisdom altogether. In a series at The High Calling, Show Me the Waywe’re addressing this topic as well as the broader meaning of the phrase. Join us for Bible reflections, featured articles, and discussion. Invite your colleagues to do the same. Our hope is that even the most professionally independent among us will remember the power of sage advice as we serve the Lord in our jobs.

  • urroner

    I have been a mentor for many years and have always enjoyed working with the “kids” I have worked with. I have never thought of them as protégé or as underlings, they were there to work and learn everyday, just like the rest of us.

    As I approach the time when I retire, I’m on the “wrong” side of 60, mentoring has been a blast and my “little toadys and minions” always keep me on my toes and young. I am not their mentor, rather I am either their TORmentor or, for the Harry Potter fans, their DEmentor. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Dan King

      you make a good point about referring to them as “underlings”. i don’t believe that being a mentor to someone makes us superior to them in some way. i like to think of it as someone to come alongside them.