Failing Like Adults, or Catechizing Mysticism


First off, apologies for being late to the party (and not in a cool way). Being a newly ordained priest, it’s taken me some time to catch up with the conversation. Second off, I’m an adult pseudo-convert myself (received the early sacraments, confirmed as an Episcopalian, reversion via RCIA in college in order to be a Jesuit), so that certainly affects my opinion. Third off, good on you, Joanne McPortland. I’m with you, and mainly because of this kind of thinking:Let’s look at sacramental p … [Read more...]

A Sower Went Out to Sow: Remembering Dan Harrington, SJ

Daniel J. Harrington, SJ

Late last week, the Society of Jesus — and indeed, the Church — lost one of its great scholars of the past half-century. More than that, it lost one of its great teachers and priests.Ideally, seminaries are seed beds that yield abundant crops of ministers to broadcast the Good News.  For this to happen, the seed of the Gospel must be sown in the hearts of those people who aspire to become ministers, whether lay or ordained. Seminaries are places where this happens; places where sowers help pr … [Read more...]

The Catholic “More Than”

What does it take to imagine mercy instead of vengeance? Image: Ricardo Reitmeyer / Shutterstock

The observation is frequently made that Catholicism is a religion of “both/and” rather than “either/or” — that at its best, the tradition tends to reconcile apparent contradictions rather than simply elevating one position over another. As usual, G.K. Chesterton put it beautifully: Christianity got over the difficulty of combining furious opposites, by keeping them both, and keeping them both furious. … [Read more...]

The (Rolling) Stone That the Builders Rejected

Rolling Stone Pope Francis Cover

I started out yawning at the Pope Francis cover at Rolling Stone. Then I read it, and was frustrated and saddened. But after a day of trying to ignore it, and hoping that I wouldn’t have to bother writing about it (and with a helpful challenge from another Patheos blogger), I think it might deserve more than just a dismissal. … [Read more...]

Catholic Writers – Who’s on YOUR Shelf?

udra11 / Shutterstock

Look at your bookshelf. Take stock of the titles. Now narrow them down: How many of the books there were written by Catholics? …Got it? Now, among those, ignore the theological titles from your undergrad years, along with any titles you’d consider “devotional.” In other words, how many of those books are novels, testimonials, or collections of poetry?And now, the final filter: How many were written in the past forty years? … [Read more...]

Introducing The Jesuit Post on Patheos

Two brothers talking on tin cans

[C]ommunication is ultimately a human rather than technological achievement. — Pope Francis Welcome to The Jesuit Post on Patheos. … [Read more...]