Speed and the Meaning of Reading


Over the past few days more than a few friends of mine have been passing around a link to an article with the following link-baity title: “This Insane New App Will Allow You To Read Novels In Under 90 Minutes.” … [Read more...]

Not Even Wrong: Answering the New Atheism with Better Belief, Not Better Arguments

New Atheism Illustration from TJP Book

“This isn’t right. It’s not even wrong.” That’s what Wolfgang Pauli, a pioneer of quantum mechanics, reportedly said after reviewing a particularly bad scientific paper. A writer in Scientific American once called it the “ne plus ultra put-down” in science1 because it manages to convey the intellectual frustration of confronting an idea that is not just incorrect, but so comprehensively misinformed that it makes any further discussion counterproductive. … [Read more...]

The Plus Sign and a Comments Policy

Don't be this guy. Image: XKCD's "Duty Calls"

Are comments boxes worth the trouble? Or are they just near occasions for the sins of uncharity and despair? … [Read more...]

Global Catholicism: The Church is Changing, But Not How We Might Think

Image: Flickr user jon.t, via Creative Commons

And turns out, I’m not the only American guilty of solipsism in ecclesiastical matters. In fact, I’m hard pressed to find a commentator who doesn’t mention those “hot button” western cultural issues, and even more hard pressed to find any who seriously contend with Pope Francis qua churchman-from-the-global-south. … [Read more...]

All or Nothing – And Certainly not Nothing

Icon of St. Augustine

“I was ready to be an atheist. I was going to be a Catholic or an atheist.” In a recent column, David Brooks cites these words of Catholic singer-songwriter Audrey Assad as illustrative of what religious commitment feels like from the inside.“A Catholic or an atheist.” … [Read more...]

Failing Like Adults, or Catechizing Mysticism


First off, apologies for being late to the party (and not in a cool way). Being a newly ordained priest, it’s taken me some time to catch up with the conversation. Second off, I’m an adult pseudo-convert myself (received the early sacraments, confirmed as an Episcopalian, reversion via RCIA in college in order to be a Jesuit), so that certainly affects my opinion. Third off, good on you, Joanne McPortland. I’m with you, and mainly because of this kind of thinking:Let’s look at sacramental p … [Read more...]