Theofantastique Podcast: Conversation about BLACK DEATH

Finally, I got to see this hard-to-find film! Despite receiving fairly positive reviews (even the Final Girl blog gave it some positive press), the film has not been very enthusiastically distributed in the US. It didn’t play very widely in theatres this year (only played at a Salem theatre near Boston, and not at all in the Albany area), so I finally found it at Red Box. John Morehead of Theofantastique asked if I’d like to do a podcast discussion about it, so we talked today. You can check out links to our conversation here: Listen by clicking this link, or you may download it here.

John is an academic specializing in religious studies, with a focus on paganism studies, and has a special interest in the horror genre. Of course you know this if you read his excellent blog regularly! John is also a Christian, and we’ve had some interesting conversations regarding different religious perspectives in film. It was great to finally talk to him “live” today about BLACK DEATH, a film I’ve been looking forward to seeing for months, and I look forward to more discussions with John about cinema and religion!

I also plan to post a review of the film this week, so keep an eye open. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting here much in the last few weeks, I’ve had soem other projects and deadlines in the way, but there have definitely been some interesting developments in pagan media. More soon…

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