THE WICKER TREE: Interview with Robin Hardy

Oh, you thought *I* conducted this interview myself? Hah, I wish! (Though I did email Mr. Hardy a few months ago and his reply was most gracious)

I found two great interviews, actually! The first interview is on Dread Central, and the second is on Crave Online. So, in honor of The Wicker Tree‘s release on DVD and Bluray tomorrow (gee, that was fast, huh?),  here’s some words from the man who, with writer Anthony Shaffer, started it all in 1973.

I have not seen the film yet and I’m disappointed my first viewing of it will be on DVD, and not in a theatre. But it only played in New York for a week and I wasn’t able to get there in time. I’m still hoping for an opportunity to see it on the big screen.


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  • Durotrigan

    Whereas I am a great fan of the 1973 film (although I have only seen it in its two shorter versions rather than the longer cut which American audiences are familiar with), I am rather apprehensive about The Wicker Tree.  The Wicker Man itself was very much a product of its time, the unique chemistry of its cast and a wonderfully evocative soundtrack. From what I have seen of the new film, it is very much lacking in what made its “predecessor” special. One of my friends has seen it, and has unfortunately confirmed my worst apprehensions concerning its quality. Nonetheless, I daresay that I shall watch The Wicker Tree one day, but probably on television rather than at the cinema (in fact, it doesn’t seem likely to get a release in the UK).

    • Peg Aloi

      I just ordered a DVD copy. I share your apprehension but with so much effort put into making this film happen I would not miss a chance to see it.