Witchy Media Notes (Blue Moon Edition)

As we get ready to leave August and enter September, that “back to school” feeling is of course being enhanced by all of the hype around the coming presidential election, as well as some powerful astrological activity that’s been brewing for weeks. Today is also a Blue Moon, or the second full moon in a calendar month: a fairly rare occurrence and one believed by some to be potent and magical.

There are a few developments in media-related news this week.

The latest news in Arkansas regarding the Robin Hills Murders suggests that the West Memphis Three may be closer to being exonerated, a the only existing known physical evidence said to link them to the crime has been officially declared to be unrelated to the three freed men (who were suspects and convicted of murder eighteen years ago). I’ll be following this story as more information is revealed.

September 18th marks the release date of Damien Echols’ book Life After Death, a memoir of his time in prison and his life since his release. Echols will be doing a publicity tour for his book and has been traveling widely, working as a film producer (for the documentary West of Memphis, produced by Peter Jackson) and giving tattoos at a shop in New York City.

Rob Zombie’s film Lords of Salem (filmed partly on location in Salem, Massachusetts) is now finished and will premiere this month at the Toronto Film Festival.

A book party celebrating the publication of Bull of Heaven: The Mythic Life of Eddie Buczynski and the Rise of the New York Pagan (by Michael Lloyd) took place in New York last week. Jason already filed this story with The Wild Hunt. But I thought a follow-up was indicated: If you read the brief article describing the event, you will see in the comments that the Bureau Chief of the New York Times changed the copy after one reader offered a comment clarifying the use of the term “warlock.” Thanks, NYT!

An article published on a UK website this week offers a fascinating look at the life and work of Dennis Wheatley, the successful and prolific novelist whose occult tales such as The Devil Rides Out and To the Devil a Daughter were made into acclaimed films. The article describes a new book, D for Deception, that explores how Wheatley was quite deeply involved in British military intelligence during the Second World War.

And this interview with Blair Witch co-director (with Daniel Myrick) Eduardo Sanchez hints that there may be a third film in the works…but only if Lionsgate, who now owns the rites, decides to go ahead with this idea.

The autumn film season is heating up and new fall television shows (well, those that still adhere to a seasonal schedule) are starting, so stay tuned for more news and reviews soon.

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