Announcing soon: WINNERS of the Stevie Selfies contest!

So, did you watch American Horror Story: COVEN this week? “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” was a very intriguing episode,and Stevie Nicks was simply wonderful, especially in that last scene where she sang to Fiona. Now, I had some issues with other aspects of the episode, and after chatting about them with Lilith Dorsey I will be writing about some of them here, but for now let’s focus on our celebration of Stevie’s appearance on the show!

We received some lovely entries for our Stevie Selfies contest! Some posted to Twitter and some to Facebook. (Yeah that’s one of mine at left)

Like this lovely photo from Nina!

And this dreamy magical one from Kate Laity.

And a great attitude on this photo from Dio.

And an awesome costume and pose from Voodoo Goddess Lilith Dorsey! And another cool one from Lilith! (Lilith and I ran the contest so we’re not eligible to win.)

And this intense one from Cora Reed.



And this one from Wren Walker!









We got some others on Twitter (like a nice one of a lovely gal in a top hat) that seem to have disappeared! if you posted a photo for the contest and don’t see it here, please post in the comments so we can include you. We’d like to announce the winners this weekend. Prizes include the items announced in the blog post above, and also a custom t-shirt designed by Lilith Dorsey!


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  • lilithdorsey

    Stevie did not disappoint. She is such an iconic figure, they almost had to put her in the “witchy” show. But it was great to see her next to Misty Day…I wish she had done a selfie for us!

  • Shawnee

    I posted this #StevieSelfie on Twitter, but I’ll post it here again just in case…

    • PegAloi

      Thank you! That is one of the photos that was missing!!

  • Nina Lomando-Grigoreas

    Hi, there! Have the winners been announced yet? Blessed Be…