TONIGHT! The COVEN Finale. Now it’s time to share YOUR thoughts on the show!

Hello, friends. Perhaps you’ve noticed, I have a bit of an obsession with this show. Well, me and my friend Lilith Dorsey. Me, a witch, she, a voodoo priestess; it kinda had to happen! (It helps that we’re both media scholars and that Lilith is a filmmaker, too)

If you haven’t seen/heard any of our video chats about the show, we’ve been doing them faithfully every week and you can check them out on my Youtube channel, they’re all there in reverse chronological order (plus a few random links to me singing traditional music).

While you’re there, check out Lilith Dorsey’s channel, because she has some excellent content there.

So, as we come to the end of the season, and tonight’s exciting season finale, I want to know what all of you thought of the show! (Meanwhile a HuffPo writer shares her thoughts). Maybe your comment will be collected in my series end recap/rant/musings. Just email me, or feel free to comment below (NO SPOILERS PLEASE! Unless they come after tomorrow night when we have done out final chat. And if you DO post a spoiler please indicate there will be spoilers a few lines above, thank you so much!!)

Ooh, counting down the hours! I won’t be able to see the finale until tomorrow, and then Lilith and I will have our chat. Rumor has it, chicken may be involved…and of course, we will wear black…


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