You all remember THE CRAFT, don’t you? That glossy, hip movie that made teenage witchcraft a ubiquitous trend in America. It even had an actual Wiccan as a production adviser (let’s hope the new production team hires a technical consultant for the remake; hey, I’m available and I have experience!). Star Fairuza Balk opened her own occult shop, taking over the ownership of Pan Pipes in Los Angeles in 1995 (been there, got the t-shirt!), following her work in the film (she played… Read more

The season of spring has arrived! The rites of fertility have begun! This is a holiday with a colorful past, and strangely enough, one of the only major festivals on the pagan calendar which has never been Christianized. Read more

For those wondering if there is any news regarding pagan musician Kenny Klein’s legal troubles, a new development has caught my attention. This evening I saw a link to a fundraiser online (“Legal Defense Fund Against Abuser”), started by Kenny Klein’s ex-wife Tzipora Katz, for legal fees that may be incurred in the near future. As you may recall, the news of Klein’s arrest for possession of child pornography caused a great deal of shock, anger and controversy in our… Read more

This new film, based on a haunting short story by Steven Millhauser (whose work was previously adapted for the screen in THE ILLUSIONIST starring Edward Norton), opens this Friday April 10th. Created by writing-directing team Marilyn Fu and Caryn Waechter, THE SISTERHOOD OF NIGHT is the story of a group of teenage girls who decide to withdraw from the social intrigue of their school and community, and create a secret club that meets in the woods at night. Rumors of… Read more

Several months ago it was announced that the cult show “Twin Peaks” would be returning to TV on the Showtime Network. But now it looks as if that’s not to be. Read more

Remembering John Renbourn of Pentangle. Read more

    Try this sometime with your children or a young niece, nephew or cousin: on the day of the Vernal or Autumnal Equinox, just a few moments before the exact moment of the equinox, go outside with a raw egg. Find a reasonably level place on the sidewalk or driveway. For a few moments just before and just after the equinox, you can balance the egg upright (wider end down) by simply setting it down on the ground. No… Read more

I am deeply saddened by the shocking news of the sudden death of Bruce Sinofsky. Bruce was an Oscar-nominated filmmaker known for his documentaries, most notably the Paradise Lost trilogy which chronicled the West Memphis Three case. His films Brother’s Keeper and Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (both made with his filmmaking partner and best friend Joe Berlinger, who has been posting some wonderful photos in tribute to Bruce on Twitter today) also met with critical and popular acclaim. Bruce and… Read more

Remember the Italians who made the videos about the psychotic killer clowns? Now they’ve made a new group of videos that feature a “psycho witch” who engages in apparent acts of torture, murder and mayhem. Read more

Hard on the heels of Valentine’s Day,the following day in fact, is the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, which some pagans find resonates with them — which, with the release of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, suddenly has some amusing connections with the romantic holiday. Read more

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