New Arthurian film series: Guy Ritchie, SOA’s Charlie Hunnam…yes, please


Some exciting news this week! announces a new film series about the Arthurian saga helmed by director Guy Ritchie (best known for his debut film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and its companion piece which is very smiler, Snatch, as well as the steampunky Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey, Jr and Jude Law--also was Madonna's husband for a few years). The King Arthur series is rumored to be in the works as a SIX-PART series; whoa! (Here is a thought, Guy; why not do it as a TV … [Read more...]

A Fitting Memorial for Margot Adler… a Bench in Her Beloved Central Park

Photo of Margot Adler in Central Park, NYC (photo from NPR)

Just saw this on Facebook, via Margot Adler's page. One of Margot's friends from NPR is spearheading an idea to get a bench installed in her name in Central Park, near where she lived. For those who don't know, Margot walked in Central Park as often as she could and was an avid birder (she even reported on birding for National Public Radio).The message was as follows: "From: Ken Barcus, NPR. Many of you have asked about ways to honor Margot’s memory. After discussions with a few of her clos … [Read more...]

Shocking and Sad: Rest in Peace, Margot Adler

This recent photo of Margot is from The Wild Hunt blog.

I have just learned of the passing of NPR journalist, author of the important book Drawing Down the Moon and practicing pagan Margot Adler. Margot was a friend to me and to many. Her intelligence, warmth, humor and passionate curiosity were shared with any and all who knew her personally or who enjoyed her writings or reports on NPR.Her son Alex posted this today on her Facebook page:"Old friends, long time fans, today at 4am Margot breathed easily for the first time in two weeks. Later … [Read more...]

Has Pagan Environmentalism Failed? Yes, Yes, A Resounding Yes.


I mean, DUH.The modern pagan revival, birthed in England in the early 1950s and making its way Stateside by the mid-1960s (more or less), occurred at a time of social upheaval and turbulence unequaled in the 20th century. Despite neo-paganism's emergence in England within a fairly conservative sociopolitical population, its equivalent in the United States was seen as an outgrowth of increasingly liberal social mores: the Civil Rights movement, the women's liberation movement, the sexual … [Read more...]

MALEFICENT: Full of pagan imagery


You gotta love when a fairy tale actually has lots of fairies in it. That's the conceit behind MALEFICENT, Disney's new retelling of SLEEPING BEAUTY. It's a kind of alternative theory on how the Wicked Queen/Evil Fairy got so damn wicked/evil. Although the "w" word is never used, Maleficent is adept at magic and curses. And her name, which seems to be a play on "malevolent" and "magnificent" (or "malefica" which means evil deeds") is fitting on both counts. The character is a complex portrayal … [Read more...]



Jane Hash is an artist, healer, blogger and activist. She is also barely three feet tall. Born with a genetic condition that left her with multiple fractures, her health was compromised for most of her youth, and her mobility limited by the fragility of her bones. As an adult, Jane seems like a powerhouse of energy, humor, and no-nonsense ass-kicking. Her podcast "Hash it Out with Jane" gives voice to her activism and consciousness raising.But don't take my word for it: see her hilarious and … [Read more...]

Happy Fifth Birthday Patheos!


Well really it was yesterday but boy, has it been a busy week! Yesterday was also the cross quarter day of Beltane (for this who like to observe the exact cross quarter in addition to the traditional festival day of May 1st) so that seems fitting. The cross quarter days fall nicely midway between the season changes, but seem, in the Western Hemisphere, anyway, to signal the "true" beginning of the season, hence, Beltane is really when spring begins! Sure looks like it here in upstate NY with … [Read more...]

Horror-inspired Apparel! THE SHINING and TWIN PEAKS, now in scary wearable form…


And I don't mean schlocky t-shirts...Despite Facebook's increasingly annoying propensity for not showing me very much of anything I want to see anymore, I did happen upon two interesting items this week.First, some sneakers inspired by TWIN PEAKS. (Here's a bunch of them on Ebay: you will note some of them have a black and blue color theme, while some have red, black and green; the latter ones seem to have that crazy zig zag pattern from the Red Room on the bottom soles).If you … [Read more...]



I am not a fan of movie teaser articles that use the word "meets" in this way but the trailer for this new film APOCALYPTIC does seem to justify the headline from movie that has just come over the transom today...It's from Australia, and very low budget (less than $10,000, which is CRAZY!), and in one of my favorite (if beleaguered, these days) categories of horror, the found footage genre. Though it wasn't the first film to use the found footage conceit, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT … [Read more...]