Theology of Mission Statement

Below is my statement of what I see as the mission of God that the people of God are invited to join. Love to hear some of you thoughts!

Theology of Mission Statement:

Humanity is called to partner with the Creator as a subversive kingdom community, to bring shalom to the whole cosmos which is currently “subjected to frustration.”[1] Jesus’ resurrection inaugurated the “gathering up of all things”[2] through which a “new humanity”[3] is being formed to holistically transform the broken places and people of the earth, compelled by his relationally selfless love. By the Spirit we are to “groan”[4] with the pain of the world drawn towards a glorious future when all poverty, sickness, violence, and death will cease; and thus the church exists as an active signpost of hope in anticipation of God’s full expression of justice: “a new heaven and a new earth.”[5]

[1] Romans 8.20
[2] Ephesians 1.10
[3] Ephesians 2.15
[4] Romans 8.23, 26
[5] Revelation 21.1

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  • Larry Chouinard

    I like the theological depth of your missional statement. I would only add something about participation in an alternative community to reunite heaven and earth under the reign of God (Mt. 6:10).
    Thanks for your insightful reflections.

  • Kurt Willems


    I really appreciate your kind comments! I will consider what you said about the uniting of heaven and earth… i definitely agree with the theological angle you are taking there. Anyway, thanks for visiting my site and hope to continue our web conversations in the future!

  • clarissa.

    Great mission statement, I love it so much, one day you might see me quoting you.