Postmodern Biblical Authority? Continuing the Conversations…

I recently have stumbled across some friends in the blogosphere that have been discussing my article that was published on The Ooze website called: Postmodern Biblical Authority?

The first that I came across was a finely written affirmation/ critique at this address:

The second seems to be written in German. I will attempt to give you an English version from the blogsite “peregrinatio.” Here is the original link in German:

This is an open invitation for these two fellow bloggers to expand the conversation if they would like, or for you to read the article and ask questions or give feedback. I am not interested in anything that is angry or rude… just fruitful conversation to further grasp what God is doing in our world.

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  • Hi Kurt,
    this is just to say thank you for the invitation. I am not sure am an expert in this but I will add some thoughts on your post in the next few days. Automatic translation is terrible, so I am confident I can do better 🙂

    • Peter! Thanks for the visit! I am looking forward to some dialogue. Blessings! May God richly bless you during Advent…

  • Jon


    I kept reading and re-reading your article up till now. I have to say that I like the way you explain the possibility of a postmodern approach towards the bible. Good observation on Derrida and Lyotard. It took me a while to understand some of the words (i’m clearly not well versed in philosophy). I’m wondering if you have read Kevin Vanhoozer’s book “Is There a Meaning in this Text?”. Actually I’m reading through the book and was wondering if he takes you position on reading the bible based on your article.

    A thought just came to my mind reflecting on your article. The bible is far outweighs our modern and post-modern readings. You proposal actually tells us that the bible is able to handle whatever stream of thought that comes it’s way and still keep its authority in tact.