A Crash Course in Evolution

Click on the title of this post to see a great video on the theory of evolution in a nutshell. It is posted at BioLogos, a theistic evolution site. Great website for resources on this particular perspective on creation. Let me know your thoughts on the video and commentary…

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  • http://linnybest.com Linny Best

    First of all, I love that they incorporated Becker and the Muppets into the video…that’s just a side note.

    When I studied Biology and other sciences in college and high shcool, I loved learning about all of the different things that man has discovered. God gave us the mind to learn and create and decifer and probe the world we live in and I believe that is a beautiful thing. We learn crazy new things all the time about God’s Creation.

    God created everything. That is a matter of faith that there is no arguing in my opinion. But who’s to say that we know how He did it?

    Genesis one is a beautiful poem that was passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years before it was recorded by Moses. It was passed by mouth before being written on stone. So obviously we weren’t there when it happened, so how do we know how it happened?

    If you read it through a lens of someone in Moses’ day, when it was finally written down, you would see patterns and flows in the verses that make you believe it is a poem, creativity, and a narrative representing what happened allegorically, figuratively. For them, it wouldn’t be literal at all.

    What if God used the process of Evolution to create His Creation? What if Creation didn’t happen in 7 literal 24 hour days? What if the first 31 verses of God’s Word span hundreds or thousands of years?

    Those are my thoughts…no real answers, just thoughts…

  • http://slopesitter.blogspot.com/ E.A. Harvey

    I’m so happy Francis Collins and his colleagues founded BioLogos. Their website is fairly new, but it has already been a great help and source of information to me. It’s nice to have that resource, so when I tell friends and family that I believe in theistic evolution and they look at me in shock, I can direct them to that site for backup.

  • http://groansfromwithin.com Kurt Willems

    Linny, I love your willingness to wrestle with big questions that are subversive to typical evangelicalism!!!!!!

    EA — Biologos is amazing!