Can You Summarize Your View of Joining God's Mission in a Paragraph?

Below I have given a short paragraph on basically a ‘theology of mission.’  I am wondering what you would add or subtract from the statement?  Also, how would you try and explain what it means to “join God’s mission” in a paragraph that is all your own? DISCLAIMER: I know that this can seem a bit ‘reductionistic’ but my hope is that you will see it as an exercise to make you reflect on what matters most in regards to the mission of God and our invitation to join in his work!

Theology of Mission Statement:

Humanity is called to partner with the Creator as a subversive kingdom community, to bring shalom to the whole cosmos which is currently “subjected to frustration.”[1] Jesus’ resurrection inaugurated the “gathering up of all things”[2] through which a “new humanity”[3] is being formed to holistically transform the broken places and people of the earth, compelled by his relationally selfless love. By the Spirit we are to “groan”[4] with the pain of the world drawn towards a glorious future when all poverty, sickness, violence, and death will cease; and thus the church exists as an active signpost of hope in anticipation of God’s full expression of justice: “a new heaven and a new earth.”[5]

[1] Romans 8.20
[2] Ephesians 1.10
[3] Ephesians 2.15
[4] Romans 8.23, 26
[5] Revelation 21.1

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  • I do have a question. Is our signpost pointing to a life without poverty, sickness, and violence this side of the grave? This could be easily distorted and manipulate the fleshes longings in ways it is not intended to. While I do believe that Christ followers being sanctified will be a vessel for redemption on earth, our “mission” should be to proclaim the restoration of relationship with our Creator – to live in his presence. A time will come when all things will be made new, but we need to be equipping disciples to face the realities of poverty, sickness, and violence with confidence, maturity, and perseverance.

    I know a short statement is always open to multiple interpretations, so I just wanted to throw some thoughts in to the mix to spark some dialogue so we can have a better mutual understanding and maybe even communicate the missions with greater clarity.

    • I think that the result of being in right relationship with God is that we are put into right relationship with humanity and creation as well. You can’t be in right relationship with God without these things falling into place as well. Christ saves the individual and restores her or his relationship to God, others, and the cosmos. As this happens, the holy spirit causes us to experience what theologians call the “presence of the future.” This is a groaning for God’s world as it ought to be. Our lives, therefore, reflect to our culture the reality of what it looks like for the 3 relationships to be restored. Now this is not fully possible until Christ returns to liberate the creation (Romans 8.20-28), but we are given the opportunity to live as though the New Creation has already arrived. We don’t simply wait for it, but we anticipate it by reflecting the already/not yet kingdom today! Those are my first thoughts at least 🙂

  • Ahh! This is why I love conversation. It’s so easy to jump to conclusions and make assumptions. I really like where you are going in your response. Thanks!

    • Very fun! You made me go back and read and reflect… and this is what this blogging thing is all about 🙂 Thanks for engaging this topic with me!