N.T. Wright on His (Future) Deathbed… Thoughts for His Children on Jesus


Beautifully said! Thoughts?

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  • Jeff Zimmerman

    As I will soon become a father, i hope and pray that this is how I speak to my children and my grandchildren one day

    • @google-4ef938fdfa0af2978ff9c813a667f7f8:disqus , Amen bro!  I am sure it is.  Jesus is the center… thats what matters most!

    •  just grow a beard and have a cool English accent and you will be set!

  • Jonathan Aigner

    There is just so much here.  I like especially, “If you want to know
    who God is, look at Jesus.  If you want
    to know what it means to be human, look at Jesus.  If you want to know what love is, look at
    Jesus.  If you want to know what grief
    is, look at Jesus.  And go on looking
    until you’re not just a spectator, but you’re actually part of the drama which
    has him as the central character. ”

    I feel that’s something that’s completely lost on many Christians today, those Wright described as digging into the “red meat of Pauline theology,” those who have turned from the center of the narrative of salvation history.   When you’re judging others, you’re not looking at Jesus.  When you’re vilifying Rob Bell, you’re not looking at Jesus.  When you mix Christianity and politics or nationalism or patriotism, you’re not looking at Jesus.  When you’re barring 50% of Christians from fulfilling the ministry roles they’re called to fill, you’re not looking to Jesus. 

    Without Jesus, Paul’s work is only fodder for debate and disagreement and division, but, like the rest of the story, lives and breathes in light of the central figure in history.  

    This is wonderful.


  • You know, I’ve never considered before how much more emphasis Christians often put on Paul than Jesus. But he’s absolutely correct. I do believe more people quote Paul. This inspires me to go after the Gospels. 

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • Ian

      Ya its something I definitely find myself guilty of a lot. Making a point to read a chapter or two out of the gospels a day now because of this video

      • I am reminded again that one reason I embrace anabaptism is because a key value is the centrality of Jesus and the gospels.  I too want to read them more!

        • Srilata

          I understand the whole anabaptism ideology or concept, but I find the most important component needed for a relationship with Jesus Christ missing…..as a disciple or a servant or a follower……The Holy Spirit. Why does, the Holy Spirit seem, not to figure in the 12 points of anabaptism.

  • Brad

    This weekend I am giving a message on John 5, the paralyzed man by the pool whom Jesus heals.  This story was pivotal in a change of my life.  Jesus asks the man, “Do you want to get well?” and the man says he can’t because he can’t get to the pool before others.  Jesus throws away the tradition of the pool, baptism, and says, “Get up and walk.”  The man listens to Jesus and starts walking.  I remember sitting at my desk in my classroom at the high school I taught at.  The story reads that the man had been paralyzed for thirty-eight years.  I was thirty-eight years old at the time.  Immediately after reading that, I heard the Voice say, “You are that man!”  Then, “Do you want to get well?”  I said, “Yes.”  The Voice said, “Start Walking!”  My life  has never been the same since.  I remember it like it was today, and it IS today!  When Wright said be a character in the story, I was immediately pierced again, and I take it as confirmation of what message Jesus has given me to give this weekend.

  • B R

    Your headline/tweet are horribly irresponsible, giving one the impression he’s on his deathbed.

    • “on” as in, talking about.  No need to get upset. Enjoy the video!

  • Dude! you freaked me out with the title… and for some reason I cant see what is in that box.  Is there an original somewhere?

    • Not sure why its not playing, it works on my lappy.  try a differnt web browser…

      • I switched to google chrome and all is well with the world…

  • I would want my kids to hear what N.T.Wright says….he says it so well.

  • Anonymous

    This was amazing. As a parent, I can’t even describe how this inspires me.

  • Kurt, it looks like your embedded video is broken…at least it won’t load
    for me today…you wanna double-check it and/or maybe throw in a hyperlink as an