Calling All Blogger Friends – Help Me Create a New Blogroll

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As I announced and you probably noticed, I moved my website from Dreamhost to Patheos last week. This move has already been quite fun for me. If you found my site as a result of my affiliation with Patheos, welcome!

One thing that we weren’t able to bring over to the new site was my blogroll.  This is where I list many of the friends who read my site and of whom I try and read theirs.  So, this is my casting call for anyone who would like to be on my blogroll!

Here’s what I need ya to do:

  1. Add a link to “Kurt Willems – The Pangea Blog” to your blogroll.
  2. Leave me a comment with the following info: a) Name, b) link to your blog, c) a brief description of what you blog about, d) your social media links [twitter / Facebook] and e) confirmation that I’m on your blogroll as well (5 brief things).  In the blogosphere we often call this “swapping links.”
  3. Add me as a friend in various social media contexts if we aren’t yet connected in some way. Twitter, Facebook, email list.  On Twitter specifically, make sure you let me know that you followed me so I can follow you back.  Sometimes people slip through the cracks 🙂

That’s it.  In the next several days I will be creating a thorough blogroll.  Also, for those of you who already have me listed, do me a favor and at least remind me so I don’t forget to add you on the new site!

Thanks again for connecting with me!  It’s really amazing the way the world continues to shrink as I get to know folks on the web.  Thanks for making my experience such a good one!

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  • curtislanoue

    I use blogspot. I do no fiddling with it other than posting. How do I add a blogroll?

    Grrr . . . and how do I get my name in this comment to link to my blog?

    • Thomas Creedy

      me too! click on design, add gadget, and its on the first page of choices. From thereon in its easy!

      • curtislanoue

        Thanks! That was easy. And done.

  • Ian, yo! A no brainer! 😉

    I updated yours.

  • Thomas Creedy


    I’m Tom Creedy, I blog at on all sorts, usually from my personal faith perspective. I’m roughly a neo-reformed evangelical charismatic – I give weight to my Vineyard church at uni (Where I study theology) and my home Grace Baptist church. I love youthwork, thoelogy, sailing, reading, tech and seeing why people believe things.

    You are on my blogroll, and I follow you on twitter. I am called ‘Thomas Creedy’ on facebook.


  • Hi Kurt. I’m happy to have recently discovered your blog. I appreciate your thoughts and ideas, and look forward to getting to know you more. I’m in the process of beefing up my own blogging, and would be glad to join your blogroll, if you’re up for it. I blog about discovering life in the Kingdom, pastoring with my church family, leadership, etc. You can find me at, jeff_lovell on twitter, and lovell.jeff on facebook. I’ve added a link on my site to the Pangea blog, as well.
    Thanks for considering!

  • a) Greg Jeffers, b), c) I mostly take conversations I have had in real life with friends or family or whoever and put my thoughts on the blog. This leaves open a variety of topics, but I mostly blog about theology, faith, and culture. d) @gregjeffers,, Gregory Jeffers (on Google+), e) you are on my blogroll

  • I blog Gentle Wisdom: thoughts on life from Peter Kirk, a follower of Jesus. I just added you to my blogroll, followed you on Twitter @Gentle_Wisdom, and asked you to be my Facebook friend. Are you on Google+ yet? I would be honoured to be on your blogroll.

  • I blog at The Boy with the Thorn in His Side, I’m @tmamone on Twitter, and you’re on my blogroll.

  • Jason Hess
    eckSermonator – evolve your thinking

    You’ve been on my blogroll for sometime now.

  • A) David Ozab B) C) “A stay-at-home dad’s thoughts on parenting and life” (so pretty much anything, including my Catholic faith) D) Twitter @davidozab Facebook David.Ozab E) you are on my blogroll (I updated the listing today to read “Kurt Willems – The Pangea Blog”). Congrats again on joining!

  • Hello Kurt,

    My name is Steven Carter and I blog @ Its my goal to connect the secular with the sacred and show how people are trying to demonstrate their faith without being pigeon holed into a ccm type category. Likewise, I try to show where we can see examples of the Christian faith story written into tv, movies, and the like. I believe that God works through all media and I like to show it. I twitter at punkminister and fb at Steven Carter.

    You are on my blogroll and I follow you on Twitter and you follow me. 🙂

    Peace and God’s many blessings,

    Steven AKA the Punkminister

  • Anonymous

    I blog at regarding church, faith and theology with a little bit of culture for good measure. Twitter @jeffreyroop and I updated the link on my blogroll to reflect the new location on Patheos. Again, congrats on the move to Patheos!

  • Daniel

    Hi FB friend Kurt my blog is TzimTzum Sort of the usual stuff, culture and critical theory, a little theology, and mostly my Icons and Art, best to you and obliged.

  • Ryan Dueck

    Hey Kurt, you’ve been on my blogroll for a while now ( Keep up the good and provocative work at your new location.

  • You’ve been on my list, too. 🙂
    a) Wes Spears
    c) Theological commentary from my odd Mainline/Anabaptist-while-living-in-the-Baptist-tradition perspective. Also some fiction.
    d) Twitter:!/wes_spears
    e) You are on my blogroll

    And we’re already connected on Twitter.

  • Hi Kurt, I disagree with most of your blog. That’s why I read it. Lets exchange blog links!! Thanks

  • Rev. Dave here from (my blog about faith & life & family)–you friended me on facebook & I added you to my blog roll

  • i so hope you didn’t forgets mes. i iz a reel gud ritr.

    Jasdye’s Left Cheek

    • also, it seems that my blogroll already automatically made the switch…

  • Anonymous

    Congrats for making it to Patheos. My link: Well this is just a reminder :). 

  • Grant

    sorry Kurt, for posting on your FB page… 
    Looking forward to more of your blogs!!

  • Hey Kurt, I am the founder and senior editor of “THEOLOGY21″ {all caps—branding} The link is and the descriptive tagline is “Renovating Theology For a New Generation” My twitter handle is
     and my personal facebook is http://www.facebook/jonathan.d.keck and THEOLOGY21’s facebook page is

    You are already up on the blogroll at THEOLOGY21—it needs some development in general. I may have to borrow your idea here. Good and creative idea! 

  • a) A. J. Farley  b) c) still trying to figure out what I blog about… d) twitter @ajfarley; e) you’re on the top of the list…

  • a) Pastor Matt Hickman b) 
    c) Mennonite pastor specializing in Christian Formation of children 0-18. Ecology geek. Comic book nerd. Social media aficionado.
    e) You’re there

  • daniel j fick

    a) daniel j. fick
    c) fairly new blogger, but working on theological/cultural posts from a reformed baptist perspective
    d) @danieljfick:twitter ; FB –!/profile.php?id=160500788
    e) you’re on the blogroll!

  • Hey Kurt, thanks for sharing my blog, for providing great content for my readers, and for (if I get my act together) doing a guest post exchange this summer.  I’ll be at the Ekklesia Project Gathering in Chicago this week, and hopefully will be inspired regarding some blogging projects this summer.

    a) Joey Aszterbaum
    c) Jesus, politics and the arts
    d) @elvisraygun:disqus , fb =
    e) linked up.

  • Hey Kurt,  I went ahead and added you to my blogroll

    a) Craig Falvo
    c) Politics, Theology, Faith and Culture, Social Justice
    d)  @craigfalvo:twitter  , fb=
    e) Under the ‘Biblioblogs of Note’ heading

  • Hey Kurt, 

    Added. I liked what you had to say about the 4th of July.Jeremy John, glassdimly, an activist’s notes on faith, god, and evil. You may be interested in

    Twitter: @glassdimlyfaith:disqus 
    I’ve added you in the right hand column under friends at

  • Hey Kurt, 

    Added. I liked what you had to say about the 4th of July.Jeremy John, glassdimly, an activist’s notes on faith, god, and evil. You may be interested in

    Twitter: @glassdimlyfaith:disqus

    I’ve added you in the right hand column under friends at

  • 1) you’ve been in my blogroll since ‘groans from within’ days, but I just saw that I hadn’t updated the patheos adress yet; wich is fixed now. 2) a)Bram Cools (or ‘Brambonius in English’, since I also write in dutch)b) I write about anything that comes to my mind. Which might be theology, nature, music, ecology or my own country (Belgium) or anything else. (On my dutch blog I also write about cooking with wild plants, but I never had te time to translate those posts)d) we’re friends on facebook and follow each other on twitter as far as I knoW. e) see 1)3) see 2d, just search Bram Cools (on facebook) or Brambonius (on twitter) 

  • LOL I don’t have to remind you I list you, right?  ;{)  Looks like you don’t have the blogroll actually posted yet, but

    Actually, thanks for the reminder, I forgot to update your blog to the patheos URL…

  • a) Name:  Carter McNeese – Rambling Ramblesb) link to your blog:
     c) a brief description of what you blog about: the intersection of faith, culture and life (basically whatever I want, but mainly theology, Baptist life, politics, music)
     d) your social media links: twitter: @cm1165:twitter (I just followed you) Facebook:
     e) confirmation that I’m on your blogroll: just put you on.  

  • Anonymous

    You can’t forget me Kurt! So me posting this is pointless. Perhaps a bit self-serving. Hmmm a unique opportunity for a shameless plug has presented itself.

  • Allen O’Brien

    I blog about the interchange between theology and culture from a Christian [mostly] evangelical perspective. [we’re already friends :D]
    You can view my blogroll here:

  •  a) Jennifer Harris Dault, b) c)I blog about my adventures in ministry d)we’re already connected on twitter and e) If you click my blog link, you’ll find yourself in the righthand sidebar!

  • Hi Kurt, you’re already on my blogroll.  My site is

    I’ve put in a friend request on facebook.  We’re connected on twitter already.

    ‘Radref’ is my Anabaptist blog.  It’s essentially Anabaptist-Mennonite interest.   Controversy, ecotheology and politics amongst other things.  Shalom, phil

  • a) Urban Studies Department at Eastern University (Whitney Monn)
    c) Inspiring, practical and challenging, yet convenient education: MA in Urban Studies. The Urban Studies blog discusses issues pertinent to urban areas and offers insight into a program addressing these issues through community, youth and arts development.
    d) Facebook:
    e) I just added you to our blogroll, which you can see at the bottom of our page

    • @facebook-30201554:disqus , If you ever want to write a guest post on Urban studies in some creative way, click the link on the page heading “Contribute” and let me know!

  • curtislanoue

    Curtis. Twitter is CurtisKnows0. Blog is mainly about religion and ethics. Twitter is a bit more all over the place. You’ve got my FB already. And yes you’re on my blogroll.

  • Kurt,
    Here’s my info:
    Marty Troyer
    I blog for the Houston Chronicle about Jesus, peace, justice, and faith, all because of, not in spite of my ‘Christian’ faith.
    Twitter: @thepeacepastor:disqus 
    Yes, you’re on my blogroll.

    Peace to you!

  • You are on my blogroll at  
    Rebecca Tatum –
    Challenging and encouraging Christians with though-provoking conversations, ideas and blurbs.  Attempting to disturb and disrupt lukewarm behavior and actionless Christianity.  Also, I am the web editor for and – the first is a mostly a blog for bible study and connection, the 2nd is secular, through the newspaper for which I write.  

  • Hi,Kurt,
    I blog about my life, latest adventures,etc.  I just spent three months in Vienna, England, and Ireland.  By trade, I am a registered nurse.  I am also a classically trained soprano, and the blog  journals the attempt for me to leave the nursing career for singing.  I haven’t yet been as successful as I would like to be, but I will keep trying.  The link is

  • I have added you to my blogroll

  • Annie

    Alrighty. So I didn’t have a blogroll yet–the blog is still pretty new–but I did put you on there. My name is Annie Bullock. We’re already connected on FB (Annie Vocature Bullock) and I’m on Twitter @The1LAustin:twitter .

    My blog is called Marginal Theology ( I blog about Desert Spirituality, homelessness, teaching high school, the Roman Empire, postcolonialism, and the people I meet on the bus.

    • Annie

      What I mean to say is that I didn’t have on previously and that shortly you will no longer be alone. Just so you know…

  • Yes please, Kurt 🙂

  • JoAnn Bastien 

    my blog is in association with my church – Plumb Line Community – we are a new start/plant. I blog my devotionals.  

    5 things? Church planter; wife, mother, & 2nd Degree Black Belt who occasionally breaks things during her sermons

  • Mark Lee   “Musings of a Not So Good Christian”            
    My blog deals issues surrounding the church both inside and outside the walls.
    We are friends on Facebook.
    I think that I follow you on twitter too Mark Lee Schnitzer (thewriter58)

  • Kurt,

    I read your blog almost daily. But, I don’t have a blogroll on my own blog. My blog is a smaller part of a larger website that provides updates and information about our ministry here in Albania amongst the Gypsies (Roma). I would love to be added to your blogroll, but sadly I can’t reciprocate. We are friends on Facebook though. If you would like to add us, our website is:



  • Stephen G. Parker

    Hi Kurt. Peace and blessing to you. I’ve thought often about adding your blog and Dan Martin’s to my links, but never “got around to it”; so thanks for this nudge. You don’t need to feel any obligation to reciprocate, as I know very well that I’m too “far out”. I’m Unitarian (with a strong leaning toward Islam), Universalist, and very Mystical (perhaps “Sufi” from an Islamic perspective). However, I find myself with a leaning toward “Eastern Religions” also – Buddhism and Hinduism for instance – particularly as my beliefs embrace reincarnation and karma. Generally just a ‘confused’ Heinz 57 mixture, one might say. 😆

    In case you’re interested, though, my blog deals largely with religion and politics/U.S. Constitution. I’ve posted a few articles on “Global Warming” also. The link is and is called “Mystic444’s Blog”.

    I don’t do Facebook or Twitter – in fact, I don’t even really understand what Twitter is! 😀

    I can’t remember how I originally came across your blog, but I believe the first post I saw was either one of your “Olivet Discourse” articles, or one asking: if there was anything about the Bible you could change, what would it be? Since I am “full Preterist” in my interpretation of “Second Coming” prophecies in the Bible, I found your partial Preterism very interesting. Your view of the Olivet Discourse, if I remember correctly, was right in line with my viewpoint.

    God bless you always.

  • Iambingle 
    We believe the content of the Gospel is perfect, John 12:32, but its apparent lots of people aren’t being attracted through traditional church environments, sadly we see facts to the contrary,   As believers who love His Body of believers and non-believers we have a spiritual mandate to listen and adopt Mark 1:1-3 to new contexts when established methods aren’t accomplishing the mission; its time we move forward.

    FB Bob Ingle … I’m waaay to spontanious to tweet

  • hey Kurt.  I have you on my blogroll,   blog is

    Blog is on church and culture..I follow your Fb, Twitter etc  @davewainscottHH:disqus 
    Keep up the great work….are you on campus this summer?

    • @facebook-669508244:disqus , I’m on campus a bit sporadically… but will be there on a regular basis come fall.  We really need to plan a time to hang out and get better acquainted!

  • Hey Kurt,

    I’m Carl, I guest posted for you a little while ago. 

    I blog at about popular culture (film, music, books) and the deeper themes of philosophy and faith that I see in them. We are friends on Facebook and I think you follow me on Twitter, at the very least my Twitter is @carltastic77:twitter  and I also have a tumblr at I added you to my blogroll under the Faith section.

    God Bless,

  • Great idea! Here’s my info:

    a) childofprussia
    c) I blog about church issues that cause wounds and division, the ideas that lead to these problems, and healing.
    d) Twitter: @hurtbythechurch
    e) check out the list called Kindred Bloggers on my blog: you’re there in alphabetical order

  • David Byrd

    1. David Byrd
    3. i do straight Biblical commentary, on a daily basis (for over three years), operating from a historical and contextual perspective, sometimes with life applications, but generally, from an informational standpoint
    5. i have included your blog on my blogroll

    if it helps, Michael Bird has my blog included on his blogroll/sidebar

  • I figured I should prolly post here too and not just on FB! You can add my to your blogroll too!

  • Hi Kurt. Happy to link you on my blog, Confessions of a Christian Dropout, found at

    My blog is the online companion to a book I’ve written by the same name that will be released by early August. It is the story of my journey far from the shores of religion deep into the heart of God.

    On Facebook you can find me as Bill Huffhine.

    Hope you’ll consider adding me to your blogroll.


  • Anonymous

    I’m excited. I love your writing and reference it a lot in my Bible study group and in life in general.

    My Info:
    Alex Matthews

    I talk about different issues related to faith, technology and social issues.

    Your link is at

  • Credfernjr

    I’ve linked you, Kurt.  Here’s my site:, “The Alternative Mainstream.”  Here is my description: The Alternative Mainstream gives news and commentary on spirituality, culture, and politics through the new evangelical lens — with occasional poetry and autobiography thrown in for fun.  We’re a voice and forum for an integrated, orthodox faith awakening from its slumber.  We also bear in mind that many non-church goers are reading this, and their feed-back and comments are welcome.  

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you got quite a response here man.  So here is mine:

    1. John Martinez – Indiefaith  @
    2.  I blog about life as a christian copastor of a crazy little church in Albany, NY.  Mostly issues of faith and justice and common sense.
    3.  http://facebook.come/jaymarzian

    4.You are on my blogroll in the sidebar of my blog at the address above.

  • Name: Sojourning Spirituality
    Blog info: We blog about music, poetry, art, liturgy, food, etc.
    Twitter: ephpo
    You’re linked into our website’s “online resources” section.

  • Hi Kurt,
    You know me! Let’s go get some coffee soon. Here’s  my link:

    Dale Best

  • Hi Kurt, I have  been a reader and Twitter follower for a while, though have never commented until now. This might be a good opportunity to further engage you all the way from Australia.My name is Matt Anslow. My blog can be found at http://www.liferemixed.netThe blog is, like yours, a theological blog from a Christian perspective. It deals with the intersection of life and theology, a public theology if you will.My Twitter is and my Facebook is, you are on my blogroll.Hopefully we will chat more in this ocean of blogging.Peace,Matt

  • Hi Kurt, I have  been a reader and Twitter follower for a while, though have never commented until now.1) Matt Anslow
    3) The blog is, like yours, a theological blog from a Christian perspective. It deals with the intersection of life and theology, a public theology if you will.
    4) My Twitter is and my Facebook is
    5) Indeed, you are on my blogroll.

    Hopefully we will chat more in this ocean of blogging.Peace,Matt

  • Hi Kurt,

    Great to connect with you on Twitter recently. Here is my information to add to your blogroll.

    1.) Jeff K. Clarke


    3.) The primary purpose of this blog is to offer reflections, reviews, and
    responses to various biblical and theological ideas that have shaped and
    are shaping the contemporary landscape. Most of my time will be spent
    thinking and writing about topics within the North American and Canadian

    4.) Twitter –

    5.) Here you are –

    Thanks, Kurt. Pleasure doing business with you 🙂

  • Hi Kurt,
    a) Drew Downs
    c) transition ministry, theology, parenting
    d) we’re connected on facebook/ twitter is:  drewdowns07/
    e) done.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Kurt. Yes, please count me in! I appreciate your enthusiasm and energy. Blessings!
    My blog: “Students of Jesus”

  • Mysteryrat2

    So happy to have discovered you since you are in my neck of the woods! Here is my info-I’ve added you to the blogroll on my music and mystery writer sites-still working on for the magazine: A California Magazine with a focus on the San Joaquin Valley Lorie Lewis Ham Musical Storyteller Mystery Writer Lorie Ham, whose mystery series is set in the world of gospel music

  • Hey Kurt. My name is James Prescott, been following your blog for a while and already contacts/followers on FB and Twitter, and my details are as follows: Web:  FB:  Twitter: @JamesPrescott77 You are officially on my blogroll as well. My blog is about  to help equip disciples of Jesus to restore, reclaim, revolutionise and re-invent church – and at the same time, what it means to be a disciple of Jesus – the two are inexorably linked –  to help point others towards God, and be honest with themselves and God about who they are and who God is. I’m have a passion for creativity, innovation, media, theology and discipleship and love to discuss the big issues of what it means to follow Jesus today. Hope that helps!

  • a) Kelly West Figueroa-Ray
    c) This blog focuses on current social issues and inter-religious
    encounters through the lens of one United Methodist. A Ph.D. student in
    Comparative Scripture, Interpretation, and Practice at the University of
    Virginia, Kelly Figueroa-Ray is interested in the relationship between
    scripture and theology as it is lived out in communities of faith with a
    particular interest in multicultural Christian ministries. d)Twitter: @siemprechipil:disqus Facebook:
    e) you are on my blog roll.

  • Kurt, I just got around to my blogroll two weeks ago. Only 8 blogs right now, and you’re one of them. You have great stuff! Thanks!a) Rick Morley b) c) mostly a lectionary based sermon prep site, though with some book reviews and the occasional rant thrown in for good measure d) I follow you on Twitter.

  • Anonymous

    1. Name: Tim Thurman
    2. Link to blog:
    3. I already follow you on Twitter and Facebook.  My twitter is:@TimThurman, Facebook is (Timothy Thurman)
    4.I blog about faith in everyday life.
    5.  You are now on my blogroll.

  • you’ve been linked, sir.  as an ‘evangelical reject.’

    the info ::
    michael j. kimpan
    the WayWard follower is a blog designed to MOVE, reform, DREAM, restore, and INSPIRE others as we together seek to find and follow jesus christ.
    find me on Facebook :: 
    follow me on twitter ::!/michaeljkimpan

  • Mark Currey 
    progressive community, mission, inclusion, and worship

  • Hi Kurt,
    Please add me to your Blogroll.
    a) Robert Lloyd Russell
    b)   (Abundant Life Now)
    c) Inspirational basic Christianity
    d) Facebook: Abundant Life Now
    e) I’ve added a link to The Pangea Blog to my “Better Blogs” list
    In Him,

  • Harlan Carpenter

    Kurt: On the justification for the American revolution–you are dead wrong. ..! But that is your right–for which many Americans have paid with their precious blood…! I seem to recall that the children of Israel paid for the promised land with their blood–as well as the blood of the Philistines they slaughtered. They claimed it was the commandment of God. So also did the American patriots. Go on-line and read about the vision experienced by George Washington at Valley Forge. Read it–don’t just shrug it off…! Direct revelation is reality–and it continues today…!