What God in Christ Accomplished that Humanity Couldn’t: NT Wright’s 2 Minute Overview of the Bible

What are your thoughts on this approach to the biblical story of humanity and God’s action on our behalf?

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  • That man is a gift.

  • I am a big fan of a great number of things Bishop Wright says. His book Surprised by Hope was excellent and is one I often reference for sermons and seminars.

    His whole thesis that the point of the Bible is about heaven coming to earth is something I had actually encountered before I read much of his work, but he has both widened and deepened my understanding of just how much that means.

    I did, however, have to take him to task at the Wheaton theology conference in 2010 when he made multiple references to the Anabaptists as “withdrawing” from society in a way that should not be emulated. We had a nice conversation though, and he was very gracious and admitted that his comment wasn’t altogether fair.

  • The whole story of God centers around two things: rescue and redemption.