Greg Boyd Believes in Purgatory… Sort Of

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this video. To be honest, when I first saw it I was caught off guard. Yet, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Ultimately, the afterlife is a mystery, but this is interesting nonetheless!

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  • As I said in response to your C.S.Lewis post I have become fully convinced with Lewis of a purgatorial final theosis.

    Interesting that he uses some of the same arguments as I used  in my sermon post (

    I think what Greg is saying is actually pretty close to the teaching of the Catholic Church today!

  • @GParks

    To quote, from the very middle of this, Greg said, “Now I’m not at all re-introducing the idea of purgatory. It’s all wrapped up with the idea that you pay for your own sins, and only Jesus can do that.”

    As someone who attends this church, I’ve become accustomed to people mis-understanding (and mis-quoting) him. You’re title does not do justice to what the video contains. It’s mis-leading, and unfair.
    Don’t be sensational at the expense of honest, thoughtful dialogue.

    • @f19b93bd36f810661b2045c69c31cf69:disqus , First, let me say I understand why you are reacting as strongly as you do.  Greg’s views have been distorted and I for one hate that.  I am one of Greg’s biggest online fans!  I promise you this.

      I stand by my title however because this video is about “the abuse of purgatory” not getting rid of purgatory all together.  Greg clearly communicates that he “believes in purgatory… SORT OF” just not the medieval system of indulgences and abuse.  Greg’s purgatory or purging is about character formation, not salvation and atonement.  The saints will be purified into the presence of Jesus.

      So, becuase my title adds the qualifier “Sort of” I believe that I did not distort anything Greg said.  Again, I am not only friendly to all of Greg’s theology, but actually consider his books and podcasts mentors in my life.  Im a sold out podrishioner! hahah

      Blessings @Gparks:disqus !

  • Peter Bylen

    Indeed the baby was thrown out with the bathwater. The
    culprit in part is the invention of printing which skewed Christian understanding
    (even with Catholicism and Orthodoxy) our understanding of tradition, canon,
    and authority.

  • Adam Roe

    I very much appreciate you sharing this, Kurt.  I think the reaction against refining and/or fire speech in Scripture is born out of a docetic impulse.  We tend to think of our physical flesh as being the stuff that causes sin rather than seeing the “flesh” as the corrupted, whole person.  So far as I can see, nothing in Scripture or, as Boyd points out, in the history of the church indicates that sin is tied to anything less than our entire being.